Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids

Anitha | November 16, 2021

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we began relying on technology more than ever in order to continue living our daily lives. Adults began to work their 9-5 jobs from home, while our children learned via Zoom and various other educational websites. But, even as the pandemic begins to settle down, technology is still a wonderful resource to promote education for kids. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 10 educational apps for kids on the app store today!


Top Educational Apps for Kids

1. ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is an award-winning educational app and website that thousands of families around the world have used to promote early learning in children. Not only is it a website, but the app can be downloaded on any iPad, iPhone, and most android phones or tablets. ABC Mouse helps young children learn things such as math, science, art, reading etc. through fun learning activities that incorporate basic and everyday concepts. This app is targeted to children aged 2-8 years old and works on a subscription basis. Sign up for a one-month free trial followed by a $10 per month subscription.


2. YouTube Kids

Different from the general YouTube app, YouTube Kids only shows videos that are deemed age-appropriate for kids aged 2 to 12. For this app, YouTube screens all content and removes any videos that are not defined as “child-friendly.” With this, YouTube Kids offer a variety of safe, educational videos that cover topics such as math, science, history, etc. It is a great resource for allowing your child to learn new skills and interesting facts, independence, and to build their own digital habits. 

YouTube Kids is free and downloadable on all iPad, iPhone, and/or any Android devices. Your child's safety can also be further ensured by pairing YouTube Kids with the Mobicip Video Supervision feature

Social Media and Gaming Apps eat up the productive time of children. Limit addictive apps while ensuring access to educational, fun and healthy apps with Mobicip!

3. Epic! 

Epic! is known as one of the top digital libraries for kids that offers hundreds of books and other learning activities. It is one of the most well-known digital learning platforms for kids and has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store. It offers access to a variety of fun, educational books, and videos to children aged 12 and under. Epic! is a subscription-based app/program with an unlimited plan running for a low fee of $6.67 a month! It also offers a free “1 book a day” alternative!

Epic! can be used on a desktop and downloaded on any mobile device! 


4. Science360 

For all the children that love to learn new things about the environment or explore new inventions from around the world, Science360 is the best app for their use! Science360 offers high quality videos and up-to-date news and information regarding all things science. It is the best app to use to quell the curiosity of any science interest children of all ages as the app is most targeted to any K-12 student. 

Science360 is a free app that can be downloaded to iPad and Android, as well as be used on desktop. To allow your curious child the freedom of exploring new information from around the world yet keep them safe and protected, we suggest using some of the many Mobicip digital filtering features


5. Lightbot

One of the newest educational interests of many children is coding and engineering. For any of these STEM based kids, a great new app for them is Lightbot which offers an innovative way to learn coding for young kids through puzzles and video games. The app uses basic programming skills and concepts via video games and puzzles to encourage kids to create new codes made to solve the task at hand. 

Lightbot is a free app that is downloadable on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. 


6. Busy Shapes for Toddlers 

Busy Shapes is a great app that is targeted for toddlers and children of younger ages which helps teach young kids shapes. Through the task of dragging colorful shapes into their correlating holes, this app encourages the development of young children's motor and reasoning skills by teaching how objects can relate to each other. 

Busy Shapes is also known for being a “rule-less” game which encourages independent thinking and creativity from players. This app costs $2.99 and can be downloaded on most mobile devices.


7. Prodigy

Out of all the math games and apps out there, Prodigy is one of the most well-known and favored ones among parents and kids. Set up like a video game, Prodigy is a fantasy-based math game which covers mathematical concepts ranging from first grade to eighth grade. Kids can earn spells for their characters by answering questions correctly and fighting monsters. With this, Prodigy can help test and refresh math concepts and ideas for students in need of some help. 

The basic app/game is free, but it does include a premier package which offers more features that runs for $8.99 a month- which can be discounted if an annual subscription is bought. Even though this app is educational, it is still a video game and may be subjected to overuse from kids which is why the Mobicip Scheduled Device Time feature would be a great pair for this game. 


8. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is one of the most, if not the most, well known and used education app and website among children of all ages. Mostly targeted to K-12 students, Khan Academy offers a variety of entertaining videos and lessons on topics such as reading, ELA, math, science, history, etc. 

These courses include tests and quizzes that can be used to monitor the progress of the kids as they explore all the fun lessons Khan Academy offers. Khan Academy also has an app purely for kids aged 2-8th that has just lessons that are targeted to kids of those ages. These apps are free and can be downloaded from the App Store. 


9. Fact Monster

Fact Monster is an excellent option for educational games. Learning games and videos range in topics, from science to language arts to math and so much more! Fact Monster also combines essential reference materials, flashcards, fun facts, and homework help for kids. Kids 5 years old and up will love how Fact Monster makes learning fun. Check out Fact Monster to learn more. 


10. Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games is a brain-training app, where logic & thinking meet fun and games. These games have no violence, no empty action, just a lot of challenges that will make you forget you're getting a mental workout! Escaping pigs, flying zombies, a bear who loves riding scooters, and much more! This app is for iOS and Android.


With the help of some of these amazing apps, learning can become something fun and not just subjective to school. There are a multitude of great, educational apps that can allow parents to give children the digital freedom to learn. Parents can also encourage learning through apps while keeping kids safe through pairing up with Mobicip! Mobicip has many amazing features that can monitor children’s devices and screen time. With Mobicip, we can encourage at home learning and make it fun together! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the top educational apps for kids?

The top educational apps for kids include ABC Mouse, YouTube Kids, Epic!, Science360, Lightbot, Busy Shapes for Toddlers, Prodigy, Khan Academy, Fact Monster, and Coolmath Games.

How can parents ensure safety while their kids use educational apps?

Parents can ensure safety by using digital supervision tools like Mobicip. This app enables parents to limit access to certain apps and monitor screen time and content.

Are there any free educational apps for kids?

Yes, there are many free educational apps for kids that are both fun and educational. Some popular options include Thinkrolls Play & Code, Fact Monster, and Poptropica

Is there a science trivia quiz app that is considered one of the top educational apps for kids and adults?

Yes, the General Science Quiz Game app is a super fun science trivia questions and answers quiz app that is considered one of the top educational apps for kids and adults in the US.

Are there any recommended learning apps for grade one students?

Yes, there are grade one learning apps available for iPad users in the US, such as the Grade one learning apps by CHOICE and the Grasshopper Apps = Top Educational Apps for Kids app.

Are there any resources or articles that discuss top educational apps for kids?

Yes, there are articles and resources available that discuss top educational apps for kids in the US, such as the 10 Best DMV test preparation apps for Android & iOS by Freeappsforme and the 10 Top Educational Apps for Kids article by eLearning Industry.

How do I choose the right educational app for my child?

When choosing an educational app for your child, consider factors such as their age, interests, and learning style. Look for apps that offer a personalized learning plan and engaging content that keeps kids coming back for more. You may also want to read reviews and ratings from other parents and educators to get a sense of the app's quality and effectiveness

Can educational apps replace traditional teaching methods?

Educational apps can be a useful supplement to traditional teaching methods, but they should not be relied upon as a replacement. Children still need face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers, as well as hands-on learning experiences, to fully develop their skills and knowledge.


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