Features of our iPhone Parental Control App

Easy for parents to monitor their child's activities on their iPhones and keep them protected from any harm.

  • Track Location

    Instantly track your family's location using the Family Locator

    Share your real-time location with your loved ones

    Set Geofences to stay within a safe location boundary and receive instant alerts

    Instantly track your family's location, share your real-time location and set geofences.

  • Monitor Social Media

    Receive real-time alerts on harmful conversations in your child’s social media

    Block social media apps to prevent cyberbullying and predatory attacks.

    Block harmful social media apps and receive real-time alerts on harmful conversations.

  • Filter Web Content

    Block inappropriate websites and filter browser content

    Block adult and pornographic websites

    Allow only safe YouTube content

    Allow access only to whitelisted websites

    Block adult and pornographic websites while allowing access only to whitelisted websites.

  • Block Apps

    Ensure access to fun and educational apps

    Restrict access to distracting apps and social media

    Restrict access to dangerous and distracting apps while allowing fun and educational apps.

  • Set App Limits

    Set daily usage time limits for apps to stay productive

    Set daily usage time limits for apps and to stay productive

  • View Daily Activity Summary

    View insights on how your child spends their time online

    Check screen time used, locations visited and browsing history

    Know screen time trends, browsing history and much more about your child’s online activities.

  • Teach Self-Regulation

    Your child can view screen time usage history on their dashboard

    Approve additional screen time and access to specific apps upon request

    Your child can view screen time usage on their dashboard Approve additional screen time and access to specific apps upon request


How to Set Up Mobicip’s iPhone Parental Control

Follow our easy setup guide

  • Download
  • Configure

    Setup your
    family devices

  • Monitor

    Monitor online

iPhone Parental Controls Installation Video

Mobicip - #1 Rated Parental Controls for Apple iPhone

Why Mobicip Parental Control App for Your Child’s iPhone?

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Keep your child safe anytime, anywhere.

Mobicip protects your child from cyberbullying and other forms of online abuse by filtering and blocking inappropriate content and social media conversations.

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Remotely monitor online activities.

Remotely manage your child's online activities using powerful monitoring features. Address potential risks or behavioral concerns using an intuitive dashboard with real-time insights.

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Build healthy digital habits.

Mobicip provides customizable web filters as well as age-appropriate browsing options. Set up your child's internet access based on age and maturity level to ensure a balanced digital lifestyle.

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#1 Preferred Parental Control on the iOS.

Most reliable parental control app available on the iOS app store with regular updates on Apple’s constantly changing screen time and parental control features.

Voted #1 Parent-Approved and Top Rated

I've been using Mobicip for a few years now to filter web content on my children's iPhones and overall I've been pleased. It's very easy to use and gets the job done.
Mark Peters
Mark Peters, Idaho
Mobicip is the best coverage you can have for your family. I receive weekly emails, detailing my kids activities, and even get notified when they try to add an app.
Diana Wright
Diana Wright, Edinburgh
We used Mobicip for quite a few years while our kids were getting "introduced" to technology. Mobicip served its purpose and helped us teach our kids proper use of the internet.
Jane Thomson
Jane Thomson, California
Kids Protected
2,000,000 +
Apps Blocked
260,000 +
Harmful Websites Blocked
Harmful Websites Blocked
3,300,000 +

The Best Parental Control App for Apple Devices

  • What is a parental control app for the iPhone?

    A parental control app for iPhone is a software that parents use to monitor their child's online activities and manage within healthy limits. It typically includes features such as app blocking, web filtering, screen time limits, location tracking, and social media monitoring.

  • Can I monitor an iPhone from my Android device?

    Yes, you can. First, set up Mobicip in Parent Mode on your Android device, then set up Mobicip in Child Mode on your child's iPhone. With Mobicip parental controls, parents can monitor their child's iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, Kindle Fire, Mac, Windows device or Chromebook from any device of their choice.

  • Can my child uninstall Mobicip from iOS devices?

    All parental control solutions available in the market today can be uninstalled or disabled in one way or another. But while Mobicip can be partially disabled on iOS devices, parents will be immediately notified when their child's device isn't fully protected by Mobicip. This allows parents to be one step ahead of tech-savvy kids.

  • Does Mobicip block videos on the YouTube app?

    Mobicip allows parents to filter videos, block inappropriate video content and set YouTube parental controls on the iPhone. The latest version of Mobicip works using VPN technology that allows it to filter videos directly on the Youtube app. In addition, Mobicip already filters videos on the YouTube website.

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