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Mobicip's kids filter works on Safari, Chrome or any browser on your child's iPhone. Our parental block & internet filters scan websites in real-time, allowing children to access only age-appropriate content. Block websites on iPhone with the best internet filter for iPhone.

Block Websites on iPhone

Limit Screen Time on iPhone

92% of teens go online daily and 50% of children are addicted to smartphones. Prevent smartphone addiction by scheduling internet time limits. Time limits reduce digital distractions and ensure quality sleep.

iPhone Screen Time Limits

Block Apps on iPhone

Children are exposed to online predators and violent/mature content through addictive apps, games & social media. Identify potential problems on the apps your kids install & use. Monitor and block unsafe apps before your kids download them.

Manage Apps on iPhone

iPhone Tracker

Tired of calling your kids to find out where they are? Instantly locate your loved ones with Mobicip's iPhone location tracking feature. Our iPhone tracker for parents is designed to be unintrusive while letting your child know that she or he is being tracked. Enjoy peace of mind knowing where your kids are and be updated as to their whereabouts at all times.

iPhone Location Tracker

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Setup as Parent App on iOS

Setup as Child Device on iOS

Configure Mobicip's Parental Controls

How it Works

Download the app on all family devices

Sign up as parent on parent device and scan to add child devices

Customise settings and monitor on the go!

Commonly asked iPhone questions

  • Why parental controls for the iPhone?

    Children get their own "connected device" at the average age of 10, and nearly 78% of teens in the US own an iPhone. With the increasing prevalence of iPhones among kids and teens, it is important for parents to be equipped with a robust tool like Mobicip to ensure digital discipline and responsibility.

  • Is Mobicip still a safe browser?

    It is so much more now. Mobicip offers its advanced filtering capabilities across all native browsers. Along with screen time scheduling, app management, location tracking and other key features, Mobicip's award winning parental control enables your kids to enjoy the internet while protecting them from unsuitable content.

  • What does Mobicip's dynamic real-time content filtering do?

    Mobicip's content filtering engine consists of a series of filters with progressively higher abilities to identify inappropriate content.

  • How does screen time work on iPhones?

    In a non-supervised iPhone, all non-native user-installed apps will disappear during screen time. In a supervised iPhone under screen time limits, only the dialler, settings and the Mobicip app will be visible.

  • How does App Monitoring work on iPhones?

    Mobicip allows you to keep a close watch on all apps installed & used on the iPhone. By disabling the App Store, you can add another layer of protection, by ensuring that all app downloads are first approved by you.

  • What is Mobicip's Location Tracker?

    Parents can now easily locate their children's iPhones with a simple tap. Mobicip's Location Tracker, once activated, treats your child's iPhone as a lost device and pings back its exact location. NOTE: This feature requires the device to be "Supervised". Learn how to "Supervise" your child's iPhone in 3 simple steps.