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Sign up as parent on parent device and scan to add child devices

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Internet Safety

Cyberbullying, gaming & anonymous chatting are top parental concerns today. Protect your child's Internet usage on any Android device. Ensure a safe, educational and healthy browsing experience.

Internet Safety

Android Screen Time Limits

Children tap, swipe, and click 2617 times per day. Digital immersion impairs cognitive abilities. Schedule healthy screen time restrictions on your kid's Android device, and prevent digital addiction.

Android Screen Time Limits

Restrict Apps & Games

Block dangerous and inappropriate social media apps on Android. Regulate the use of social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook based on your child's age.

Restrict Apps & Games

Instantly Locate Loved Ones

Do you worry about your children when they are out late? Quickly locate your child, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe. Check in on their location any time from anywhere.

Instantly Locate Loved Ones

Video Tutorials

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Setup as Child Device on Android

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Commonly asked Android questions

  • Why parental controls for Android?

    Nearly half of all smartphones in the US run on Android, while it is a clear leader in the tablet segment. Mobicip's parental control and screen time management solution strives to be a holistic tool that caters to all the needs of a digital parent today. Mobicip is the best means to safeguard your family's digital experience across a wide mix of devices and platforms.

  • How is Mobicip's filtering different from its competitors' offerings?

    While most parental controls software depend on fixed databases of whitelisted and blackisted urls to filter online traffic, Mobicip goes one-step further by dynamically scanning on-page content in real-time to judge if it is appropriate. This way Mobicip can spot unsavoury/unhealthy content more efficiently than other competitors.

  • Can Mobicip locate Android devices?

    Yes, Mobicip's Location Tracker tool instantly shows your child's last known location. With a simple tap, parents can now check in on their kids' whereabouts or even locate a lost Android device.

  • Can kids remove Mobicip from an Android device?

    No, only the registered admin user can uninstall Mobicip from the Android device in question.

  • Can Mobicip block apps on Android?

    Yes, absolutely. Parents can select apps to block on the parent app. If your child still goes ahead and clicks on the blocked app, a custom block-page will be displayed on the Android screen.

  • How do Screen Time limits work on Android?

    Once under screen time limits, your kid's Android device is completely unusable. Your child will only see a custom block screen after unlocking the Android device.