Collaborate with Your Child and Guardian

Invite a co-parent or a guardian to manage your family's digital habits. Team up with your child to self-regulate screen time.


Features of Mobicip Collaboration

  • Guardians

    Share your parenting duties with trusted partners and guardians.

  • Child Dashboard

    Your children can self-regulate their screen time consumption, request more screen time, or access to a blocked app or website.

  • Benefits of Collaborating with Children

    Several studies have documented the benefits of parent-child collaboration. From academic achievements to better health outcomes, parental involvement improves a child's overall wellbeing. Studies have also suggested that involving children in important decisions that affect them leads to improved rates of goal achievement.

    Mobicip aims to create a frictionless digital parent-child interface to manage your family's overall digital experience. We believe that every family is unique in the ways they approach life and experience the world. With Mobicip, setting attainable goals becomes a collaborative effort and is fundamental to achieving quality outcomes in children.

  • While Microsoft Family and Google Family Link work just fine, they are restricted to their own companies. Mobicip bridges the gap by applying the same settings per person on any device it has been installed on. Simple to setup, easy to use, and quite informative on your child's activities.

    Mobicip Mom, North Carolina


  • As a parent and a teacher, this is one of the better monitoring applications for kids. Schools monitor what our children are doing online and so should parents. Mobicip is very easy to use, great technical support and it worked on my son's Apple products and his Windows computer all with one nominal yearly fee.

    Mobicip Dad, Glasgow, UK


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