How it Works

Download the app on all family devices

Sign up as parent on parent device and scan to add child devices

Customise settings and monitor on the go!

Video Tutorials

Setup as Parent App on Kindle Fire

Setup as Child Device on Kindle Fire

Configure Mobicip's Parental Controls

Restrict Apps & Games

Block dangerous and inappropriate social media apps on Kindle Fire. Regulate the use of social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook based on your child's age.

Internet Safety

Cyberbullying, gaming & anonymous chatting are top parental concerns today. Protect your child's Internet usage on any Kindle Fire. Ensure a safe, educational and healthy browsing experience.

Kindle Fire Screen Time Limits

Children tap, swipe, and click 2617 times per day. Digital immersion impairs cognitive abilities. Schedule healthy screen time restrictions on your kid's Kindle Fire, and prevent digital addiction.

Instantly Locate Loved Ones

Do you worry about your children when they are out late? Quickly locate your child, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe. Check in on their location any time from anywhere.

Commonly asked kindle questions

  • The Kindle is a global leader in the e-book reader/tablet segment. The Kindle Fire is the first digital device for millions of young children, used as a stepping-stone to ease their entry into the connected world that is the internet. Instilling a sense of digital discipline right from childhood is therefore extremely crucial.

  • Mobicip is the pioneer in multi-platform screen time and parental controls. It covers and supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac & Kindle.

  • Yes, there is just one single Mobicip app. The app prompts you to select whether the device is a parent or child device, once the download is complete.

  • No, apart from the admin, no one else can remove Mobicip from the Kindle Fire device. So rest assured that your child's Kindle Fire is always protected round the clock.

  • Yes, absolutely. You can block or allow screen time during specific daily/weekly schedules. When screen time is blocked, your kid's Kindle Fire would be completely unusable.

  • Yes, absolutely. Once you block an app, your child won't be able to access or use it at all. If your child still goes ahead and clicks on the blocked app, a custom block-page will be displayed on the screen.