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Announcements & Updates

  • We are happy to announce our new version of Mobicip. 1. Once you migrate, you cannot go back to the older version 2. Screen time is changing - please read carefully.Your old¬†Screen time configurations (green table settings) will no longer be available after you update to the new Mobicip app. Based on feedback from our users, screen time from the older Mobicip app is now replaced by daily free time limits and schedules in the new Mobicip app. Setting them up just takes a few minutes - please follow the steps below.On your parent app or from your web dashboard, go to Scheduling menu and set the daily free time limit for each day of the week for your children.If you'd like to block device access completely for your child, please add a schedule for the specific time and enable the "block all content" toggle button within the Schedules. This will ensure the device is blocked during the set time.If you have additional questions, please refer to this article on what's changing in the new version of Mobicip. If you still need help and would like to talk to our support team, you can schedule a call.¬†

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