Stay one step ahead of Big Tech with a watchful eye

  • Schedule & Limit Screen Time

    Set healthy time limits for how and when the chromebook is used

  • Monitor Social Media

    Get alerted on risky interactions on Facebook & Instagram.

  • Filter Web Content

    Block websites, filter adult content and keep your kids safe online

  • View Activity Summary

    Get a daily snapshot of your family's device usage.

  • Teach Self-Regulation

    Child dashboard shows how they spend their time online every day


Setting Up Parental Controls is Not for the Faint of Heart

Don’t worry. We can do this together. Follow our Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Download
  • Configure

    Setup your
    family devices

  • Monitor

    Monitor online

Watch the Video Walkthrough

  • Why are parental controls on Chromebook essential?

    Research shows that learning responsible use of the Internet and screen time, especially at younger ages, helps children develop into healthy netizens in adulthood. More than half of American primary & secondary school students use Chromebooks. Thus parental controls for Chromebook play a huge role in ensuring digital citizenship.

  • Does Mobicip provide App Monitoring on Chromebook?

    No, App Monitoring is supported only on iOS and Android devices at this time.

  • Why is Mobicip better than other Chromebook parental controls?

    It is no longer enough to allow or block domains. Filtering the internet of today requires a dynamic filter that does deep packet inspection, like Mobicip. With its screen time limiting feature, Mobicip has become a truly holistic Chromebook parental control app designed for the modern digital family.

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