What Our Customers Say

  • You have a great product!

    I do a lot of training on online safety for parents and I refer to your product often.
    You have a great product!
  • I feel very blessed to have found Mobicip!

    Your company furnished me the peace of mind to not worry about the bad influences in society that can affect a family in a negative way.
    I feel my family is safe from violence and sexual promiscuity that can be harmful.
    I feel very blessed to have found Mobicip and incorporate your software into our family structure, so we all live a purer lifestyle.
    Thank you, Mobicip!
  • Love the cross platform capability!

    Love the cross platform capability and reporting on apps and website visits.
    Overall I'd say it's a promising product and your effort to improve the product is visible and appreciated.
  • Excellent customer support!

    Thank you for the hasty reply.
    Excellent customer support!
  • I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone! We have used it with our children for years.
    It is extremely flexible. We eventually got to the point that we stopped blocking and simply used it to monitor.
    We felt it was important to demonstrate to our children that they had the strength to avoid the dangerous places so prevalent on the internet and use it in a productive way.
    Fantastic product!
    This is not simply a blocking tool but can be used as a set of training wheels for managing the internet and social media in a healthy, meaningful way.
    Jeff D
  • I'm impressed!

    Woah! I'm impressed, I really thought I was just going to be ignored.
    Thank you very much!
  • Excellent customer support!!

    Excellent customer support
    I appreciate it
    Thank you
  • Thank you so much for this service!

    It is the best service - did a great job of keeping my kids secure.
    ​Thank you so much for this service.
  • Thanks again for providing a great product!

    As an IT Director as well as a parent, I consider your tool superior in its class.
    As more and more middle schools, especially those in the NY/NJ area, utilize Chromebooks, Google apps, and Google Classroom, your ability to provide support for the Chromebook (ChromeOS) as well as all the other platforms made it an easy choice for me and others over Net Nanny. I continue to refer other parents to your product. ​Thanks again for providing a great product.
  • Excellent support!!

    Thanks so much. Everything seems to be working ok now.
    Excellent support...!!