Website Blocker & Internet Filter: Protect Your Kids Online

Block websites and filter inappropriate content across any browser, YouTube, or other social media.


Features of Mobicip Website Blocker

  • Website Filter

    Block age-inappropriate websites and 20 web categories. Blacklist websites to permanently block dangerous content.

  • Porn Blocker

    Nearly 70% of kids inadvertently stumble upon websites displaying porn & violence while searching for something completely innocent online. Our advanced porn blocker gives parents peace of mind by ensuring children don't access anything dangerous or inappropriate.

  • Youtube Filter

    Are your kids spending too much time on YouTube? With Mobicip, you can limit time spent on YouTube or even block YouTube completely.

  • Whitelist-Only Mode

    Only allow websites that you want your kids to access. Everything else online will be blocked. This is ideal for young kids getting their first taste of the internet.

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  • Why Block Websites or Filter the Internet?

    • 95% of 8-11 year olds have access to the internet
    • 67% of 12 to 13 year olds have personal internet-enabled mobile devices
    • 45% of 8-11 year olds use social media websites

    The internet has greatly facilitated a free exchange of information and knowledge. While it has been a force for good, there's no denying the plethora of inappropriate content online. Millions of websites display violent, pornographic and hateful content that are not suitable for children. Various studies have documented the adverse effects of such inappropriate content on young children.

    Most search engines and popular sites like YouTube come with safe search settings that aim to protect kids from harmful content; but they are not as robust or accurate as traditional website blockers or internet filters. An internet filter scans web pages for potentially inappropriate content. A website blocker allows you to block individual or entire categories of websites according to your requirements.

  • Why Choose Mobicip's Website Blocker & Internet Filter?

    Unlike traditional internet filtering software that depend on obsolete databases of whitelisted (appropriate) and blacklisted (inappropriate) websites, Mobicip leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to scan websites in real time and determine whether their content (in that particular context) is appropriate for children. A dynamic real-time internet filter is a must as new websites are created every second and content gets updated at a rapid pace online. Our internet filter works instantly and quietly behind the scenes to only allow healthy online content. Mobicip scans websites for inappropriate words, phrases & metadata and uses algorithms to weigh their suitability for children and keep out everything that's inappropriate for them.

    Mobicip is the only filtering product that offers YouTube filtering on a video-by-video basis (for iOS and Android child devices). Mobicip allows parents to filter videos, block inappropriate video content and set YouTube parental controls on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones, Android Tablets, & Kindle Fire. For Windows PCs, Macs & Chromebooks, Mobicip filters inappropriate searches on YouTube accessed through a browser and ensures YouTube's "Restricted Mode" is switched on at all times!

    Mobicip website blocker allows parents to block specific websites (blacklist), website categories and keywords to customize their children's internet experience. Mobicip identifies more than 20 website categories to block the content.

  • Mobicip has maintained my sanity (for 3 kids) with the knowledge that my children's exposure to 'overt' and downright dangerous items is significantly reduced. A recommendation for all parents in the digital age.

    Mobicip Mom, Texas


  • I've been using Mobicip for a few years now to filter web content on my children's iPhones and overall I've been pleased. It's fairly easy to use and gets the job done.

    Mobicip Dad, Idaho


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