Track Location: Instantly Know Where Your Child Is

Instantly track your family's location. Create geo-fences around school or a friend's home to be alerted when your child reaches the location.


Features of Mobicip Family Locator

  • Family Locator

    Locate your family anytime using the GPS location tracker and the family map.

  • Location Sharing

    Share your real-time location to your loved ones to coordinate and reassure them during pick-ups and drops.

  • Geofencing

    Easily check if your child reached school or a local park. Create geo-fences and receive instant alerts.

family locator
  • Should You Track Your Child's Location?

    In the United States alone, an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As a consequence, most parents often worry about their child's safety and whereabouts. You can't always depend on your children to regularly update you on their whereabouts; calling or texting them constantly will only frustrate them further.

    A family locator or GPS tracker app provides a hassle-free way to keep track of your family's locations at all times. Keep an eye on your child's location, ensure they are in a safe zone and enjoy peace of mind!

  • Why Choose Mobicip's Family Locator?

    Mobicip offers the most comprehensive set of location tracking features. Most parental control apps offer at most 2 of the following location tracking features:

    • Live location tracking
    • Location sharing
    • Geofencing

    Mobicip's family location tracker has it all and works on iPhones, iPads and all Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Intuitive, easy to setup and does what it says it's going to do. Thank you!

    Mobicip Dad, Alabama


  • Great feature set! I work in cyber security and couldn't figure out a way to bypass the app when on supervised mode. Most other apps are easily bypassed.

    Mobicip Mom, Vermont


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