Cultivate Good Digital Citizenship & Etiquette

  • Track Location

    Set geofences & locate your kids on demand

  • Schedule & Limit Screen Time

    Set healthy time limits for how and when the iPad is used.

  • Monitor Social Media

    Get alerted on risky interactions on Facebook & Instagram.

  • Filter Web Content

    Block websites, filter adult content and keep your kids safe online

  • Block Apps

    Completely block distracting, inappropriate or addictive games and apps.

  • Set App Limits

    Set screen time allowances for specific categories and apps.

  • View Activity Summary

    Get a daily snapshot of your family's device usage.

  • Teach Self-Regulation

    Child dashboard shows how they spend their time online every day


Parental Controls is Anything But Easy.

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  • Download
  • Configure

    Setup your
    family devices

  • Monitor

    Monitor online

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Parental Controls & Family Locator for Apple iPads

#1 Rated Parental Control Software for Apple Devices

  • Can I monitor my child's iPad from my Android device?

    Yes, you can. First, set up Mobicip in Parent Mode on your Android device, then set up Mobicip in Child Mode on your child's iPad. With Mobicip parental controls , parents can monitor their child's iPhones, iPads, Android phones/tablets, Kindle Fire, Mac, Windows devices or Chromebooks from any device of their choice.

  • Can my child uninstall Mobicip from iOS devices?

    All parental control solutions available in the market today can be uninstalled or disabled in one way or another. But while Mobicip can be partially disabled on iOS devices, parents will be immediately notified when their child's device isn't fully protected by Mobicip. This allows parents to be one step ahead of tech-savvy kids.

  • Does Mobicip block inappropriate videos on the YouTube app in iPads?

    Mobicip allows parents to filter videos, block inappropriate video content and set YouTube parental controls on the iPad. The latest version of Mobicip works using VPN technology that allows it to filter videos directly on the Youtube app. In addition, Mobicip already filters videos on the YouTube website.

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