How it Works

Download the app on all family devices

Sign up as parent on parent device and scan to add child devices

Customise settings and monitor on the go!

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Setup as Parent App on iOS

Setup as Child Device on iOS

Configure Mobicip's Parental Controls

Online Safety

Block unhealthy web content on any browser on the iPad. Ensure a safe and educational experience for your child on the iPad. Fine-tune the filter or select from age-appropriate levels based on standards and parent feedback.

Limit iPad Addiction

Excess screen time damages brain function, increases anxiety, and reduces attention span. Schedule your child's iPad screen time within healthy limits. Enforce bed-time, family time, and school work.

Locate Family Instantly

Tired of nagging your kids to inform you about their whereabouts? Quickly locate your loved ones and their devices with a single tap, without bothering them. Monitor school drops, co-ordinate pick-ups, track lost devices.

Manage Apps & Games

Dangerous challenges, obscene material, and crazy fads spread through gaming and social media apps. Restrict inappropriate apps and games on the iPad. Allow educational apps based on merit.

Commonly asked iPad questions

  • The iPad is the most popular choice among families and schools for 1:1 learning programs. With EdTech playing a big role in the development and education of "digital natives", the iPad is poised to serve as the window to the world for many children across the globe.

  • Yes absolutely. Now Mobicip's popular filtering technology can be used across any browser of your choice. And apart from that Mobicip allows parents to block distracting apps, track their kids' location, set screen time limits and even lock down all family devices instantly.

  • When static online safety measures fail to catch inappropriate content, Mobicip's real-time intelligent content analysis filters kicks in. These dynamic content analyzers perform a combination of heuristic and pattern matching algorithms to determine if the content is appropriate.

  • Once blocked, the app in question won't be visible on your child's iPad. Parents have the option to block apps before their kids can even download them on to their iPads. NOTE: This feature requires the device to be "Supervised". Learn how to "Supervise" your child's iPad in 3 simple steps.

  • For a non-supervised iPad placed under screen time limits, all installed apps will disappear. For a supervised iPad, a custom block screen will appear until screen time is removed.

  • Parents can locate their kid's iPad with a simple tap. Mobicip reports your child's last known location instantly, by treating her iPad as a lost device; so your child will get notified when you attempt to locate her. NOTE: This feature requires the device to be "Supervised". Learn how to "Supervise" your child's iPad in 3 simple steps.