Mobicip parental controls setup - iPhone/iPad

This article explains how to set up Mobicip on your child's iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Before you begin, 

  • We highly recommend installing the Mobicip App Manager on your child device during the setup to block apps, monitor social media and set up screen time and schedules. Installing App Manager requires connecting your iOS device to a Windows PC or Mac computer. While there is an alternate way to complete setup, the above mentioned features won’t work on the child device
  • Ensure that Safari is set as the default browser app on the device. You cannot install Mobicip remotely and monitoring won't work until you set up the Mobicip app on the child device. 

Download Mobicip app from the App store on the device and select Child on the launch screen. Login to the app using your Mobicip credentials or Scan the QR code from your parent app or the web portal. 

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Enable Notifications to ensure a seamless communication between you and your child and Locations to track and report the live location of your child. 

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The next step is to enable the Mobicip App Manager, which requires access to a PC or a Mac. This step involves connecting your child's device to the computer and won’t take more than a few minutes to complete setting up your child device. If you have a computer close by, follow the instructions to complete the setup. Watch this step-by-step instructional video for additional help. 

Steps include 

  1. Downloading and installing the Mobicip App Manager - Download and install Mobicip App Manager Tool onto your Windows PC (32 bit / 64 bit) or Mac (Refer to this page). Login with your Mobicip account credentials and ensure your child device is connected to the computer. 
  2. Turning Find my iPhone to off on your child device - this step is required during the installation and you can turn it back on once the setup is complete
  3. Enabling App Manager - this step will reboot your child device
  4. Installing the MDM profile - this step involves downloading and installing a MDM profile on your device

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Login to the App Manager using Mobicip account credentials.

 | 6

Connect your child’s device to the computer using a USB cable and tap on “Trust” your device.

 | 7

The app manager should detect the child device automatically. Select the device and click on ‘Enable App Manager’

 | 8

Click on Continue to agree to the Data Disclosure Agreement

 | 9

Select the child who will be using the device and click on ‘Continue’

 | 10Make sure that ‘Find My iPhone’ feature is turned off before you proceed with the next steps. This can be enabled once the App Manager setup is done.

Your device will reboot in the next step. 

 | 11

Follow the steps mentioned on the screen to set up the Mobicip profile.

 | 12

Once done, you should see the following screen indicating that App Manager has been setup successfully.

 | 13

If you have other devices, repeat the steps to complete setting up Mobicip on them.

If you do not have a computer nearby, you can proceed with tapping ‘No, I don’t have a PC’ and you will be taken through the Mobicip MDM profile installation steps. You will be able to enable App Manager on the device later.

Login using your Mobicip credentials. 

 | 14

Assign the Child who will primarily use the device from your list of children and proceed with the profile installation by following the instructions. Watch this instructional video for additional help. 

Steps include:

  1. Downloading the profile by clicking Download profile button
  2. Opening the Settings app and installing the profile
  3. Returning to the Mobicip app to complete setup

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That's it! Your child's device is secured by Mobicip and you can hand over the device to your child.