Mobicip parental controls setup - Android

This article describes how to set up Mobicip on your child’s Android smartphone or tablet.

Before you begin, please ensure that

  • You sign up for a Mobicip account from the parent app on your device or the Mobicip website
  • You disable Google Family Link on the device

You cannot install Mobicip remotely and monitoring won't work until you set up the Mobicip app on the child device.

Download Mobicip from the Google Play Store on your child's Android smartphone or tab and select Child on the launch screen.

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Login to the app using your Mobicip credentials or Scan the QR code from your parent app or the web portal.

Review and accept the Data Disclosure Agreement.

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Select the child who will be using the device and let the registration process complete. If you do not have any children added to your account, you will be able to do it here. 

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The next part takes you through setting up Mobicip and involves 4 mandatory steps to ensure all the parental controls you set up work accurately on the device. 

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1. Enable Location - this step is to allow you to track the live location of the device and your child. Follow the instructions in the next screens and here is an instructional video if you need more help. Once done, click the device back button to continue to the next step.

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2. Enable Internet Filtering - The next step is to enable internet filtering on the device. Click Continue and the instructions will take you through downloading and installing a certificate and allowing VPN access to filter internet content on the device. Watch this step-by-step instructional video for additional help.

Tap Other security settings > Install from device storage > CA Certificate > Install anyway > Device Passcode > Select downloaded certificate from the Downloads folder > Done > Use device back button.

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3. Enable App Manager - The next step is to enable App Manager - this will allow you to block and manage apps and websites. Watch this instructional video to get an overview of the steps. 

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4. Uninstall Protection - The final step is to prevent your child from uninstalling Mobicip. Once enabled, removing the app will require your Mobicip account credentials. Follow the instructions to complete the setup. Watch this video to get an overview of the steps. 

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That's it! Your child's Android device is now protected by Mobicip and you can handover the device to your child.

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