Advanced Internet Filtering

Create a safe learning environment for your kids. Our popular internet filter scans online content dynamically in real time, going beyond just URLs & keywords.

  • Safe Google Search

  • Filters pornography

  • Block selected websites and apps

  • Real time content filtering

  • Check Browsing History

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Feature internet filtering m

Manage Multiple Devices

View and manage your entire family's devices through an intuitive dashboard.

  • Manage entire family‚Äôs devices

  • Create profiles for every child

  • Allocate screen time across multiple devices

  • Single or multiple parent admins

  • Works on iOS, Android, Windows, Chromebooks, Mac and Kindle

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Feature multiple devices m

Supervise Videos

Supervise the video content your kids watch through popular streaming services and setup robust age-appropriate filtering.

  • Monitor video consumption

  • Block / allow video apps

  • Block / allow video websites

  • Restrict inappropriate videos

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Limit and Manage Screen Time

Set daily screen time limits, instantly lock/unlock your family devices. Set screen time schedules on your kids' devices to ensure healthy levels of digital immersion and manage bedtimes. Once the time limit is reached, your kids can no longer access their apps, games or the internet.

  • Allow / block apps and games

  • Allow / block screen time

  • Review access requests

  • Schedule screen time

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Key feature Limit Screen Time & Prevent Screen Addiction

Location Tracker

Locate your child or lost device any time from anywhere. Ensure your loved ones reach the school, a party, a picnic or a sleepover by locating them instantly.

  • Works on all smartphones

  • Live location map view

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Key feature device location