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How do I setup Schedules, Daily Free Time Limits & Vacation Mode?

This article explains how to enable and set up screen time and schedules on Mobicip. The screen time feature is now replaced with Schedules and Daily Free Time Limit to allow granular control over screen time restrictions for your children.

What are Schedules? 

Schedules allow you to customize your child’s device access during a specific time by restricting apps and websites during that time.

To get you started, Mobicip offers two preset schedules - School and Sleep. These schedules cannot be deleted but can be customized or disabled. In addition, each schedule will have the option to block everything, which when turned on will disable access to everything on the device. 

In addition, you can create new schedules with custom filter settings from your parent app or web portal. 

1. School - During this schedule, screen time is allowed on the device with Mobicip-preset restrictions that prevents your children from accessing apps and websites that may distract them during school time. Apps and websites deemed appropriate for school are allowed by default.

2. Sleep - During this schedule, the device will be in blocked time and access to the entire device will be restricted. Mobicip presets sleep schedule between 9pm and 6am on all days (customizable). 

How do I create a new schedule?

A new schedule can be added by going to Scheduling in the bottom tray > Add.

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You can choose a title for the schedule, specific days when the schedule needs to be active, start and end time and app/web categories and specific websites to be blocked during the schedule.

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How do I set up Daily Free Time Limit?

Daily Free time Limit is the amount of entertainment time that you’d like to give your children through the day. It is indicated in a light green shade in the Schedules bar when there are no schedules. 

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During free time, the default restrictions based on your child’s age or the customized filter settings set by you in the Content menu will be applied. 

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You can set limits for each day in the week and Mobicip offers a daily recommended free time limit based on your child’s age.

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Your children will have access to the device until the limit is reached after which all access to the device will be blocked. Mobicip alerts your child when they have 15 minutes left of their free time during when they will have the option to request grace time. 

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You will be notified about the grace time request and can choose to allow or reject it.

How do I set up Vacation Mode?

You can now put a pause on all the regular restrictions whenever needed with just one click. Vacation mode lets you remove all monitoring settings for a day or a specific number of days that you wish. You can end the mode manually or choose an end date to disable it. 

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You will be able to set Free Time Limit and other filtering restrictions during Vacation Mode too.

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