What do parents need to know about Mukbang?

Alyssa Vargas | June 28, 2022


For the last decade, the popular live-streaming trend of “mukbangs” has circled the internet. Now you may be asking “what in the world is a ‘mukbang’ and is this something I need to worry about?” Well, Mobicip is here to quell any of your worries and tell all you need to know about Mukbangs. 

What is Mukbang?

Quite simply, Mukbangs is a live-streaming trend where a host eats large amounts of food while interacting with their audience. The word ‘mukbang’ itself stems from the Korean word “ 먹방, (meokbang)” which is combination of the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast.”  These videos can either be live-streamed or pre-recorded and uploaded to sites like Youtube. This trend originally became popular in South Korea back in 2010, and gradually became a popular trend across the world even becoming one of the most popular video genres on Youtube. Though Mukbang videos are known for mainly eating, some may also feature tips on cooking meals. Now, we know that this may seem a bit strange so let’s go into more details on why these videos are so popular. 


Why is Mukbang so popular?                 

Mukbang is popular because it satisfies food cravings, provides entertainment, and allows viewers to watch someone else eat large quantities of food. In many cultures, dining out with friends and family is an extremely prominent aspect of life and so mukbang videos bring social dining right into your own house. Sometimes mukbang content creators not only upload pre-recorded videos, but have set “dinner” times where they live- stream daily to have a meal with their viewers. This feature of creators acting almost like “online friends” to the viewers helps some individuals with any problems they may have with eating. These videos encourage those who suffer from certain eating disorders to join them for an “empowering meal.” 

Mukbang videos also aid in introducing new “food” trends and restaurants to their audiences which adds to a certain boost in the economy. So, though these videos may seem odd for some, these content creators are entertaining, helpful and encouraging “friends'' for others. Now that we’ve discussed what mukbang videos are and why they’re so popular, let’s dive into what parents need to know to keep their kids and teens safe. 

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Is Mukbang safe? 

Now that we discussed what mukbang is and why it's so poppular, let’s answer the biggest question: While Mukbang is generally safe, it can lead to adverse health effects in the long term, such as weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes due to binge eating. Vulnerable viewers may also feel triggered by watching the content, leading to disordered eating habits.

How can parents keep their kids safe while watching Mukbang?

While Mukbangs can be enjoyable and engaging, parents naturally want to ensure that their children's online experiences are both enjoyable and safe. There are important steps parents can take to protect their children and promote responsible Mukbang viewing, just as there are for any other form of online entertainment. We'll look at practical strategies and tips that parents can use to keep their children safe while they enjoy the Mukbangs. 

Choose Nourishing Options: While scrolling through the sea of Mukbang videos, why not help your child choose ones that feature healthy and balanced meals? It's not just about the deliciousness, but also about learning how to enjoy food that fuels your body optimally. Make those Mukbangs tasty as well as nutritious!

Consume in Moderation: We all know how addictive Mukbang videos can be! It's like a feast for the eyes, but as with any delicious treat, teach your child to enjoy them in moderation. Set a screen time limit for your Mukbang adventures so you can explore other fun activities offline as well. Take a look at Mobicip's screen time scheduler.

Keep them educated: Like all things when it comes to kids, it’s important that parents take the time to explain what everything is and all the pros and cons. Take the time to explain what mukbang videos are and the dangers that come with things like eating too much junk food or clicking on videos that may not look safe. 

Pay Attention to Munchies: We must be aware of our eating habits and preferences as we devour those videos. Mukbangs are all about fun and creativity. Help your child understand they don't need to feel obligated to match their colossal eating feats. We should listen to our bodies and enjoy our meals in a way that makes us happy and satisfied.

Set an Example: Mukbang videos can sometimes make it seem like it's okay or even normal to eat a large amount of fast and fried foods all in one sitting. Set an example off the screen by showing them that it's okay and fun to eat junk food occasionally, but healthy food like fruits & vegetables is just as fun and even more important. 

Create an open space: For absolutely everything, honesty and trust between you and your kids is vital to building better digital habits. Keep an open conversation about what you're [un]comfortable with, and they'll do the same, so if they ever run into something bad, they'll know it's okay to tell you and get help. 

Harness the power of Mobicip: With Mobicip Parental Controls, you have the ultimate superhero tool in your hands! Mobicip's advanced features form a protective shield around your children's online activities. With Mobicip, you can filter out inappropriate or harmful Mukbang videos, ensuring your children are only exposed to age-appropriate and positive content.        

As a parent, we need to remain informed about Mukbang and its impact on our children's online experiences. We can empower our children to enjoy Mukbang responsibly and make the most of their online journey by taking a balanced approach and keeping a watchful eye. Encouraging them to watch videos featuring healthy meals, setting sensible screen time limits, being mindful of their eating habits, and using parental controls adds an extra layer of security.

Mobicip, one of the most preferred parental controls by parents, offers a variety of features and access to information to help combat any bad influence Mukbang videos may have. Make sure to sign up for your 7-day free trial today! 

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