Holla App: Protect Your Kids from Online Predators

Reshmita Das | March 27, 2024

Holla App- A Parents Guide to Protecting Kids from Harmful Interactions

Can you recollect Roulette? Players have enjoyed it as a classic and popular casino game for centuries. It's a game of chance where players place bets on where they think a small ball will land on a spinning wheel divided into numbered and colored pockets. The excitement of watching the ball spin around the wheel and anticipating where it will land make roulette a thrilling game for many. Holla App, in many ways, is just like roulette. 

You might have heard a lot about the Holla App lately, especially among our kids. It's one of those apps gaining popularity like wildfire among the younger crowd.

But what exactly is the Holla App? Well, it's a one-on-one video chat and messaging app that allows users to connect with strangers from all over the world. Yep, you read that right—strangers. And that's where things can get a bit concerning for us parents.

Much like the game of roulette, where outcomes are unpredictable. Users are matched with others randomly, often without prior knowledge of each other, creating unexpected and spontaneous conversations.

The FBI says there are more than 500,000 online predators online every day. Most of the kids they target are between 12 and 15 years old. And around 89% of them talk to kids through chatrooms and instant messages.

As parents, it's crucial for us to understand what our kids are doing online. With the rise of apps like Holla, we need to be aware of their potential risks to our children's safety and well-being. So, stick around as we break down everything you need to know about the Holla App and how you can help protect your kids from any harmful interactions they might encounter. 

What is Holla, and how does it work?

Holla app is available in the Google Play Store. It has 10M+ downloads. It is a freemium live random video chatting social media platform. You can log in via your Facebook or Google account. The App will need access to your camera and microphone. Once you're in, the default settings throw you right into random live chats with folks who could be up to anything, from chatting about their day to engaging in sexual behaviors. Here are a few features that make Holla App exciting for teens and tweens.

• Video Chatting: Holla allows users to connect with others via live video chat. This feature enables face-to-face interaction, which can be both engaging and entertaining.

• Random Matching: One of Holla's distinctive features is its ability to match users with strangers for video chats randomly. While this can be exciting, it also raises concerns about who our children might be interacting with.

• Interest Filters: To some extent, Holla offers interest filters that supposedly match users based on shared interests. This feature aims to connect users with others who have similar hobbies or preferences. You can also get unlimited gender and region filter options.

• Discover, Like Me, and Make Friends: Like Me is a space where users can see profiles of random people who have shown interest in their profiles. Users can also move strangers to the friends tab, where they can continue to interact more personally.

• Virtual Gifts and Stickers: Users can send virtual gifts and stickers to each other during video chats. 

• User Profiles: Like many social networking apps, Holla allows users to create profiles with pictures and basic information about themselves. 

• In-App Purchases: Holla offers in-app purchases for unlocking advanced features (Video Chat Plus and Hi Plus) and earning games's virtual currency gold coins

• In-App Advertisements: Advertisements keep popping up. Users can earn the App's virtual currency by seeing more in-app advertisements.

• Beauty Filters: Filters can smooth skin texture, remove blemishes, and enhance facial features to create a more flattering appearance.

• Language Translation: Users can chat without language barriers. The App detects the user's language and translates to the other person's language at the end of the call.

• Nearby chat: This feature lets users preview possible chat matches nearby and select other users using a dating app-like "swipe" mechanic before making a connection. 

What are the risks associated with the Holla App for children?

1. Iffy Content: The app does not contain profanity, but users may encounter inappropriate or explicit content. This could involve conversations about mature topics or graphics unsuitable for children. Also, in-app advertisements may expose children to inappropriate content and apps.

2. Sex and Nudity: Users may engage in inappropriate behavior during video chats. App store user reviews report adults exposing themselves and engaging in sexual activities during video chat. And when you are live on a call, you hardly have any control over what you see on the other end.

3. Stranger Danger: Holla allows users to interact with people they don't know, which can expose users to potential risks such as online predators or sex traffickers. Children can be deceived or manipulated by strangers they meet on the App. These interactions can then be extended to real life. 

4. Cyberbullying: Users can be of various ages and distorted mindsets. Some users can spread toxicity during video calls and chats in the form of harassment, bullying, or hate speech. According to Pew Research half of teenagers in the United States, face online bullying and harassment every day.

5. Privacy Invasion: Right from the beginning of the signup process, mandatory camera and microphone use is allowed in violation of privacy. If this isn't all, imagine a stranger getting direct access to your child's personal details, home, and surroundings. 

Block Dangerous Apps for your kids

Why was Holla removed from the Apple App Store?

Holla was removed from the Apple App Store due to reports of inappropriate content violations of Apple's guidelines regarding user safety and content moderation. Specifically, there were concerns about users encountering inappropriate behavior and content during live video chat sessions. As a result, Apple decided to remove the App from their store to ensure the safety and well-being of its users.

There have been over 1,500 complaints about unwanted sexual approaches in the App Store, and many of these were aimed at children. It's shocking because Apple promotes its App Store as a safe and trusted place, but clearly, there are some serious issues here.

These complaints mostly revolve around social networking apps that allow strangers to chat via video, also known as "random chat apps." It's heartbreaking to read some of the reviews – parents and users warning about inappropriate content and even predators lurking on these platforms. It's not something we want our kids exposed to at all.

The Washington Post shared a document containing reviews of Holla App where people reported unwanted sexual behavior. A review from a parent from the document reads:

"This App has no restrictions! Shame on you, Developers!! My son accidentally downloaded it, thinking it was a game, and then a random guy spoke to him and jerked off on him on live chat! On a child!! Naked! Disgusting!! "

What is the age rating for Holla?

While the Google App Store recommends it for ages 17 and upCommon Sense Media further suggests it's suitable for those 18 and older. But here's the kicker – there's really no way for the App to verify the ages of its users. That means anyone, regardless of their actual age, can just punch in whatever number they want and start using it.

That lack of moderation is really worrying, especially considering the kind of content and interactions that might be happening there. It's like opening the door wide for all sorts of potential risks and dangers; as parents, that's the last thing we want for our kids.

Mobicip's Verdict: Is the Holla App Safe For Children?

Absolutely not! We do not recommend that any child use the Holla App. Parents should ban this app and prevent kids from using it.

What can you do to keep your child safe from apps like Holla?

1. Use a Parental Control Solution: We don't want to resort to extreme measures like confiscating devices or constantly breathing down our children's necks. That's where parental control solutions come in handy. Mobicip is recommended and trusted by millions of parents to keep their kids safe online.

Why is Mobicip the best app blocker for the Holla App?

Mobicip allows us to set appropriate boundaries and restrictions, ensuring our children stay safe while navigating the digital world. We can monitor their app usage, block inappropriate content, and even set time limits for screen time—all without invading their privacy or stifling their independence. By leveraging Mobicip's premium features, we can balance protecting our children and respecting their autonomy. Below are some reasons why Mobicip stands out as the best app blocker for dangerous apps like Holla:

•  Specific App Blocker: Lets us block certain apps available on iOS and Android devices. And app categories like for dating or entertainment.

•  Default App Blocker: Mobicip automatically blocks any app rated for ages 17 and up. This means our kids are less likely to come across inappropriate apps. And get this—Mobicip goes the extra mile by letting us block apps before our kids download them!

App Blocker Mobicip

•  Multi-Device Support: Unlike other tools like Apple's App Limits and Google's Family Link that only work on certain devices, Mobicip works on iPhones, iPads, Android gadgets, and even Kindle Fire tablets. So, no matter what device our kids use, we can keep them safe.

•  Activity Summary: With Mobicip, we can see how much time our kids spend on their screens daily and compare it to recommended limits. Plus, we can track which apps they use most, like social media or video chat apps.

Activity Summary Mobicip

5. Instant Notifications: We'll get an instant heads-up if our child tries to download a new app, encounters something iffy online, or ends up somewhere they shouldn't be.

Notification Mobicip

These features sound pretty handy, right? They can help us stay on top of what our kids are up to online and ensure they stay safe. So, start a free trial today and protect your kids from harmful apps like Holla.

2. Have an open conversation: One of the best ways to protect our kids is by staying actively involved in their digital lives. Encourage them to share their online experiences with us, ask questions about the apps they're using, and establish trust so they feel comfortable coming to us if they encounter anything unsettling. Have open and honest conversations with your kids about the risks associated with apps like Holla. Explain to them why we're concerned and educate them about the potential dangers they may encounter while using such platforms. Also, set boundaries and tell them what they should and shouldn't do.

3. Get involved with your child: Children often turn to apps like Holla when bored or lonely, so we as parents must ensure we're actively involved in their lives. Setting up a schedule for our children to follow can help keep them engaged and occupied, reducing the temptation to seek out potentially unsafe apps for entertainment. Spending quality time with our kids is essential. Whether playing games, doing arts and crafts, or simply having meaningful conversations, these interactions strengthen our bond with them and provide the love and support they need. When children feel valued and cherished at home, they're less likely to seek validation and comfort from outsiders.


What should a parent do if they discover their child is using Holla?

How we interact with our children matters a lot. We want to create a safe space for them to feel heard and trusted. Talk to them about the dangers of the Holla App and why you think it is unsuitable for them. Show them the age recommendation. Help your child delete their account and install a parental control app like Mobicip to monitor and manage their app usage.

What are some similar dangerous video chatting apps like Holla?

Monkey, Yubo, ChatLive, Chat for Strangers, and Skout are not appropriate for children.

What are some safe alternatives to Holla for children?

Facebook Messenger Kids, JustTalk Kids, Caribu, Kinzoo, Facetime and Google Hangouts. These kid-friendly video chat apps can be allowed with parental supervision.

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