Is BitLife App Really Safe for Your Kids?

Reshmita Das | May 23, 2023

Is BitLife App Safe For My Kids?

You might have heard about this intriguing game - BitLife, that lets kids create their own virtual lives, but the big question is, "Is BitLife really safe for our kids?"

In this blog, we will shed some light on what this app is all about and explore the potential impacts of BitLife in our children's lives. Now for those who aren't familiar with it, BitLife is a captivating game available on both Android and iPhone. It allows players to step into the shoes of a virtual character, making choices and shaping their destiny along the way. But as parents, we naturally want to ensure that our kids engage with safe and appropriate content. That's why we must understand the potential impact of BitLife and whether it aligns with our family values. So, let's roll up our sleeves and delve into this fascinating app, discussing its features, gameplay mechanics, and any concerns that might arise.

Let’s get to know the BitLife App

Picture this: a fascinating game that lets you dive into a whole new virtual life. That's BitLife! This role-playing simulation game has been grabbing attention and consistently climbing the ranks on both Google Play and the App Store.

In BitLife, it's all about making choices and living out different scenarios. You get to create a whole new character with a new name and identity. The game presents you with a series of questions, and you have the power to choose your answers from the options provided. It's like experiencing life through a fun and interactive questionnaire! These questions cover a wide range of everyday decisions that we encounter in our own lives. From selecting suitable courses to determining how to handle tricky situations, choosing a job that suits your character, and even navigating the world of dating – you'll face it all.

What is BitLife App?What are some pressing issues Bitlife can cause?

1.Unmonitored App-Purchases: In the captivating world of BitLife, players experience a virtual life and encounter exciting challenges. These challenges come in various difficulty levels, enticing players to make in-app purchases. The BitLife Marketplace offers many options to enhance the game's realism and adventure. Imagine becoming a Bitizen, bidding farewell to those pesky ads, unlocking God Mode to customize new lives, or embark on royal adventures. You can even dive into the Billionaire's Bundle and become a titan of industry, real estate, and investment. It all feels so incredibly real, doesn't it? But here's the catch—it's all just a reel. Children can easily fall into the temptation of purchasing these enticing offers, and if left unmonitored, it could lead to substantial expenses.

BitLife Unmonitored In App Purchase

2. Unavoidable Advertisements: Have you ever encountered an ad that made you uncomfortable or downright disturbed? Here's the thing: there's a chance that your kids might stumble upon some inappropriate advertisement in the BitLife app that they can't simply skip over. It's like playing a game of ad roulette—you never know what you'll get. And let's be honest, controlling these ads might be a challenge beyond any parent's superpowers. It's frustrating to think our kids might be exposed to something disturbing while innocently playing a game.

3. Adult content/ideas: As a child progresses in the game and their character ages, they'll encounter questions and scenarios related to adult life. We're talking about topics like sexual identity, hookups, relationships, crimes, and substance abuse. Understandably, as parents, we may not want our children exposed to age-inappropriate content that could shape their perspectives and behavior. We don't want them fantasizing about or finding themselves in situations they're not ready for. We can't deny the power of immersive virtual role-playing experiences, and there's always a chance that the lines between the game and reality might blur for our kids.

BitLife Adult Content and Themes​​​​​4. Screen Addiction: BitLife, a role-playing game that spans from birth to death (assuming you're living a long life in the game), can quickly become time-consuming. Children might be immersed in this virtual world for hours, neglecting their responsibilities and daily routines. Suddenly, school work, reading books, getting enough sleep, and engaging in extracurricular activities take a backseat. We're all aware of the detrimental effects of screen addiction on a child's physical, social, mental, and emotional development. Being glued to a screen for prolonged periods can hinder their overall well-being and ability to interact with the real world. 

5. Mental Health Issues: BitLife can captivate our children to such an extent that they may lose touch with reality. They can become so deeply immersed in this virtual world that they start living in their own imaginative realm, acting out the lives of their BitLife characters. This excessive immersion can lead to various mental health challenges for our children, including anxiety, sleep disturbances, bouts of anger, and social isolation. Moreover, when they realize that their actual life isn't going as smoothly as the carefully planned and curated existence they've created in the game, they may experience feelings of depression and emptiness.

What is the right age to use BitLife App?

BitLife's terms state that the app is designed for users at least 17 years old. In the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, BitLife is listed as appropriate for users who are 17 years or older. Why? Because it includes mature/suggestive themes, sexual content, and even references to alcohol and drugs. 

These age restrictions are in place to ensure users know what they're getting into. As a responsible parent, we must pay attention to these recommendations and consider whether BitLife is suitable for our child based on their maturity level and family values.

How can we protect our kids from Apps like Bitlife?

Let's face it, in today's digital age, it's nearly impossible to completely shield our kids from apps like BitLife. However, as parents, we can proactively ensure their safety and well-being. While we may not have all the answers, we can certainly do our best to protect our children and empower them with the right tools. Here are some practical strategies to navigate the usage of BitLife with your kids:

1. Have Conversation With Kids: Communication has the incredible ability to mend relationships, reshape our perspectives, and even transform individuals from the inside out. As parents, we must dedicate quality time to each of our children, individually, on a one-on-one basis. Consider planning special outings or "dates" with your kids where you can have their undivided attention. Be the first person to initiate discussions about BitLife and its potential impact. Take the time to genuinely listen to their thoughts and opinions. Engage in a constructive conversation about why you have concerns and why you believe it's important for them to steer clear of it. Strive to reach a mutual understanding. It's essential for children to feel that they have a say in their digital lives and that decisions aren't imposed upon them. 

2. Use Parental Control Solution: Having a parental control solution is necessary to monitor your child's online activities and build healthy digital habits. And with Mobicip, you have a powerful all-in-all parental control app at your disposal. Here's how Mobicip can help:

  • Block Apps: Mobicip blocks all apps rated 17+ by default for kids, reducing the likelihood of them stumbling across inappropriate apps. While most App Blockers only block installed apps, Mobicip goes one step further by allowing you to block apps in advance, even before they are downloaded by your kids! You can create customized app lists and restrict access to specific categories or individual apps, giving you control over what your child can download and use.
  • Limit Apps: Set a screen time allowance to limit time spent on apps like social media and videos.
  • Instant Notifications: Get real-time notifications as soon as your child installs an app or Mobicip blocks any new app installs by default.

BitLife App Blocker​​​​Besides these, several advanced features like screen time scheduling, web blocker, interactive dashboard, social media filter, porn blocker, geofencing, and content filter make Mobicip a comprehensive parental control solution for every parent. You can learn more about Mobicip's features and why it's preferred by over 2 million parents - here.

3. Keep Yourself Updated: Have you heard about the latest "Benadryl Challenge" on TikTok? Or do you know what "Molly" means? These might be unfamiliar terms that seem to fly over our heads, but believe it or not, these are the kinds of topics, and lingo kids are actively discussing and engaging with. As parents, we must stay in the loop and keep ourselves updated on the ever-changing world of technology. By staying informed about current trends from reliable sources, such as reading blogs or subscribing to newsletters, we can keep a step ahead of our children and provide them with the necessary support and guidance. They will also realize that you're knowledgeable and have enough knowledge to be trusted with their digital lives. 

4. Be an Advocate for Digital Parenting: While we can't control every conversation and interaction our child has with their peers at school or on the playground, there are still ways we can make a difference. One powerful way is by being an advocate in our community for digital parenting. Spread the word about parental control apps and latest digital trends. Engage in conversations with other parents about their concerns and experiences in the digital realm. By sharing what you know and joining forces with other parents, you can initiate a positive change that ripples through our communities. Remember, it all starts with you!

So, there you have it—our in-depth review of the BitLife app and its potential impact on your kids. As parents, it's our responsibility to stay informed and take proactive measures to ensure our kids' safety in the digital world. So why wait? Take an important step today by starting a free Mobicip Parental Controls App trial. Install Mobicip on your child's device and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.