What's changing in the new version of Mobicip?

This article explains what's changing, what remains the same and introduces the brand new features in the new version of Mobicip. The new version as you may have seen from our website has a plethora of beneficial features that manages and monitors your family devices and internet usage and helps keep your family safe online.

What's changing?

1. Daily Screen Time Limit or Aggregate Screen Time Allowance  - This most requested and much-awaited feature is now available in the new version of  Mobicip. This means that the old screen time table with the hourly green and red slots will no longer be available. 

You can set up daily allowed screen time limit for each of your children in the Scheduling menu (Daily Free Time Limit) and adjust it from the Dashboard. Again, please be aware that your old screen time settings will not be migrated and you need to set up the daily screen time limit for your children.  

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2. Activity Reports - The older activity reports page is now called Activity Timeline and is available in the Dashboard for each child. You will be able to view the device activity  which includes recently visited websites, locations, watched videos, and used apps in a reverse chronological order.

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What remains the same?

1. View and manage subscriptions - You will be able to view and manage your subscription/billing details from the hamburger menu > My Mobicip > My Plan section.  

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2. Location Tracking - Just like the older version of Mobicip, you will be able to view the location of your family from the Family Locator option in the Hamburger menu.  

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3. Internet Filter Settings & Configuration - The Family tab in the older Mobicip version is now called Content in the bottom menu bar

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You will be able to set and edit internet filter restrictions including web categories, Allowed and Blocked websites, Phrases and Keywords here. You will also be able to add any networks that you need exempted from the Mobicip filter. This section also has App settings that include blocking and limiting apps for each of your children. Please follow this link to learn more about blocking and limiting apps.

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4. App requests and Notifications - All access requests from your child and any notifications about your account is now listed under Notifications. This appears as a Bell icon accessible from any page on the top right corner in your account. Requests are shown in a separate sliding tab. 

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5. Managing Devices, Child users and Admins - You will be able to manage parent and coparent permissions, filtering levels for your children (Monitor & Manage or Monitor only) from the Hamburger Menu in your app. On the website, this is available within the Account Menu at the top right > My Mobicip > My Family. 

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6. Family Time - You will be able to enable device-free Family time on all your family devices from any screen with just a click. All you need to do is just click the three dots on the dashboard and 'Pause All Devices'All devices in your account will be paused until the time you set.

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Hurray!! You now know everything about the account settings you have been using as a Mobicip parent to get started with the new version. 

What's NEW?

1. Scheduling - Scheduling feature lets you setup customized settings for the kids devices at different times. Mobicip offers two preset schedules - School and Sleep. You won't be able to delete them but can customize the settings or disable them. In addition to these, you can add new Schedules and set time for each schedule along with device restrictions during those schedules. 

Check out this page for detailed instructions on how to setup and customize schedules.

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2. Social Media Monitoring - Worried about your kids social media activities? We have an answer! You will be able to monitor and get alerts on your children's Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts - we handpicked these platforms as they are the three most popular right now. Mobicip monitors your child’s social media conversations and activity and alerts you about inappropriate exchanges, dangerous interactions and unhealthy behavior while protecting your child's privacy. You will not be able to view your child's posts unless it is flagged by the Mobicip monitor. Please note Snapchat monitoring is available only for Android devices.

Check out this page for detailed instructions on how to setup social media monitoring on your child's accounts.

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3. Daily Free Time Limit - Our change is for the good! You can now setup overall screen time allowance for each day for each of your children.

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4. Parent Dashboard - The new version of Mobicip comes with a parent Dashboard where you can view the Screen time used by each of your children and make changes to restrictions you set up for them. You will be able to adjust screen time limits, pause all family devices and know where your children are spending their time online at a glance.

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5. Vacation Mode - Going on a vacation and need to put a pause on the regular schedules and restrictions you set? We got you covered! Our Vacation mode lets you remove all monitoring settings for a day or a specific number of days - you can end the vacation mode manually. You will be able to set some restrictions in Vacation Mode too.

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6. App Limits - Fun is not overindulgence when it's limited. You will be able to limit the time spent by your child on social media, entertainment and games apps with our new App limits feature. 

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7. Family Locator - This feature lets you view all parent and child user locations - with device and battery info in one click. 

Check out this page for detailed instructions on how to setup and use Locator features.

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You can even share your current or live location to any of child user.

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8. Locator with Geo-fences - We are delighted to let you know that Mobicip now offers geo-fencing. With this feature, you will be able to mark dangerous zones/safe zones and get alerts when your child enters & leaves these zones.

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9. Child Dashboard - Mobicip Child App now has a Dashboard that lets your children self-monitor their screen time and allows you to collaborate and build a healthy digital relationship with your children. Your children will be able to view their schedules and daily free time limits and self-regulate their device time to become responsible digital citizens.

10. Parenting Advice - Want to keep yourself updated about your child's online world? Our Parenting Advice comes in handy and provides insightful articles on social media, dangerous and addictive apps that pop up on the stores and many other resources. You will have the option interact with parenting experts and attend their webinars and courses on family safety from this section.

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Excited?? Try our new version now to make your kids digital experience safe and healthy.