What is the Metaverse? What do parents need to know?

Alyssa Vargas | April 19, 2022

Everyday we hear the term “metaverse” being used in conversation more and more, but what exactly is the metaverse? Is this something that parents should be concerned about? Read on to find out what exactly the Metaverse is and what this means for kids- and how you can help protect your child. 

What is the Metaverse? 

The general idea of the metaverse is the merging of the idea of virtual reality and a digital second life. It stems from the idea that as technology continues to advance, this whole new reality can be introduced via a virtual reality headset where people can buy things digitally, interact with others digitally, and live a whole second life digitally. One would be identified via their online avatar and personality in this second online world- a personality which can be completely different from their one IRL. The very idea of this seems almost straight out of a science fiction novel or film, but it’s true and has already begun becoming a reality. Popular companies such as Facebook and Microsoft have already begun discussions and beta tests for expanding the launch of the Metaverse so we’ll most likely see a rise in this adoption in the coming years. 

Now that we know what the Metaverse is, how does one access it? 

Like all parents, you may be wondering: How would I even access the Metaverse? Can my children access it? Is it really something I should be worried about? The short answer to this is to not be alarmed but cautious because the metaverse is something that can be accessed in more ways than one and is still new. Since the metaverse is just known as a digital world and there is no specific app called the “Metaverse”, it can essentially be accessed through different apps and games both through a VR headset system like an Oculus Rift 2 or without it. According to gaming site BeeBom, “These pieces are in the form of different apps and games that allow users to jump inside them and socialize and play while using avatars. So in order to get the Metaverse experience before it’s fully here with your Oculus Quest 2, you will need at least one of these apps installed on your Quest 2.” Meaning that the metaverse related games or apps cannot be accessed without parental permission to download them, so please parents quell your worries. 

How can you prepare to face the Metaverse safely?

  • Teach your kids what you know: The best way to truly prepare your child and keep them safe is to let them explore the metaverse as they please but teach them how to be safe. Communicate with them the dangers of strangers and how what they do/say online can stay with them forever. 

  • If you feel uneasy, do some more research: Build better digital habits alongside your child and research the metaverse together. The best thing you can pass down to your child is an education so look up more resources with them on how the whole family can safely use the metaverse. This way you can be one step ahead of them and prepare to talk with them about what the metaverse is and how to explore it safely if they decide they want to. 

  • Block risky and dangerous meta apps using Mobicip parental controls to prevent your child from cyberbullying and predatory attacks. 

  • Follow Mobicip’s Metaverse series to stay informed: Mobicip will be releasing a series of social media posts and videos alongside our blog to help our mobicip families stay informed as the Metaverse starts to come into fruition. 

Mobicip and the Metaverse

The metaverse is the merging of the idea of virtual reality and a digital second life and is very quickly becoming a reality. To get ahead of this new world, stay connected with Mobicip as we help make digital parenting simplified and keep you informed on how to keep your family safe as you explore the Metaverse.

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