What Our Customers Say

  • Good! Simple and effective ★★★★

    Just wanted to share with those who might be uncertain about these kind of blocking program's how well this one worked. To install was a breeze, as I am no techie this was good. To set up, simple and also to adjust, I've used it for several years to protect the kids from unexpected web pages appearing on routine searches. It did what I wanted and as the kids grew up it was easy to adjust the filters to be more age appropriate. I've finally uninstalled it as my children are grown up and leaving home and it's no longer needed but a word of thanks to the folks at mobicip for being part of the team that helped them all engage with the Internet effectively and safely. Keep up the good work.
    - Barnet traveller (Review from the iOS App Store)
     Barnet traveller (Review from the iOS App Store)
  • Peace of mind!

    I truly am pleased with your service to date. It's providing a lot of peace of mind.

  • Very Satisfied ★★★★★

    I am very pleased with this app! It is currently protecting 5 household devices. The pricing is fair; and Mobicip customer service was very patient and accommodating when a service issue came up. Use of this app: The "admin user" (me), who basically controls the level of protection, can see everything going on with each protected device. The filters are totally flexible; and if a filter blocks a particular website it can be "white-listed" and made available. Time limits can be set. Reports are available. It's really very user friendly and intuitive. Without this app I would just be turning off Web browsing all together and not allowing the good things on the web to be utilized. I have not experienced any adverse affects to any of our devices (Apple products). Mobicip (staff and product) have my respect in that they've provided protection to anyone who doesn't want to be faced with certain material, thus allowing for a pleasant browsing experience.
    - Notallwork (Review from iOS App Store)
    Notallwork (Review from iOS App Store)
  • Many thanks

    Many thanks for your prompt reply. It does indeed appear to have solved the problem.
  • Great service

    It is a great service and I highly recommended it to others.

    Tonya B
  • Really like new feature!

    Really like the new App Monitor feature, a really great step-forwards in MobiCip functionality (hope you get it sorted for Android soon).
  • Real customer service!

    THANK YOU! I apologize for my irritation and thank you for taking care of this in exactly the manner I asked. So that IS real customer service!

  • No problems

    We have had no problems with the service!

  • Love it ★★★★

    Easy to use/navigate. I feel it's supplying our needs right now. I've installed it on my son's ipod 5 and it's working well.

    - Noob defeater (Review from the iOS App Store, Canada)

     Noob defeater (Review from the iOS App Store, Canada)
  • Great support throughout the years

    Thank you very much for the great support throughout the years.
    Warmest Regards
    Rafael T