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  • mobicip is great ★★★★★

    Thumbs up for this software. I could block unappropriate websites, and view the list of sites my child has visited. What mattered the most, was she feld accountable for what she did on the devices. I would suggest contacting the parents of your childs friends and suggest they put mobicip on their child's device's also. If the friend's phone/tablet is unrestricted, the children could obviously get around the restrictions imposed on your child's device. One note, is the display of the mobicip website seemed to work bettter using firefox or chrome vs IE.
    - rg2metairie (Review from the iOS App Store)
    rg2metairie (Review from the iOS App Store)
  • I give it 6 stars!! ★★★★★

    They only a lot up to 5 stars, but this app deserves 6. My child has an IPad, and I thought internet access had been turned off, but I found her accessing videos, and one was inappropriate. Her search was not, she was curious about make up and was searching for items about make up, but she got a video containing a lot of foul language, and poor self esteem- not what I wanted her to watch at all. She lost privileges for a month and during that time, I researched how to protect her from inappropriate content. That’s when I found Mobicip. It’s 2 years later and I’m thrilled. I pay for the upgraded version that sends me a weekly report, I see every search run. I have confidence my child is making wise choices on what she searches for. She feels better knowing that inappropriate content is blocked. She doesn’t want to get into trouble or see things she shouldn’t. She’s as interested in being protected as we are in protecting her. So don’t hesitate. Get the app. Remember, the internet is like inviting a million strangers into your home. You lock your doors, to protect your home, so do this to protect your child. It’s a no-brainer. Build trust, feel good, keep your kids safe.

    - App Loser (Review from iOS App Store)

    App Loser (Review from iOS App Store)
  • Great and powerful piece of software

    You guys really do have a great and powerful piece of software
    thanks so much for your great service

    GREAT PRODUCT and socially responsible.
    Nothing but the best
    reviews for your product.
    I will tell others about it looking for this
    type of product.
  • Frankly essential ★★★★★

    This is a great App. It is relatively easy to use, and definitely worth the money to set up. one payment can cover all your kids and devices. that's really important. I feel much better with this on their ipads. much. much safer.

    - Deeliahla (Review from iOS App Store)

    Deeliahla (Review from iOS App Store)
  • Excellent service!

    The support you provided indeed fixed my issues, educated me by answering my questions and confirmed Mobicip's commitment to excellent service.
    Mobicip's iPhone App and Windows 7 filter are providing thorough and appropriate blocking which protects my family and me with safety and security while using the internet.
    THX again for your support!
  • Really Like Mobicip's Parental Controls

    Thank you for your prompt response. I really like Mobicip power for parental control of my children. Let you know that I usually recommend Mobicip to people who ask my opinion about a parental solution software.
  • You guys are the best.

    Thanks, you guys are the best.
  • It is a great program

    It is a great program
    I will highly recommend it to others.
  • I love it!

    I think the app is great and I love it