How do I setup Locator features?

This article explains how to set up locator features on the Mobicip app.

Mobicip lets you instantly track your family by locating their mobile devices. You can create boundaries around frequently visited spots and get notified when your child enters or leaves the location. You will be able to see the timeline/history of places visited by your child in the activity timeline in the parent dashboard. Any Locator feature will work once you enable location permissions on the parent and child apps during installation.

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How do I set up my parent app to locate all my family members and their devices?

Our family locator feature allows you to see the latest locations of each of your children and the co-parents/guardians in the account. If you need to see the location of one of your children, you can choose the specific child user on the top and click on the locator menu. You will see their current location if their device is online or you will be able to see their last known location when the device was active. 

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To see the location of all your family, select Family Locator from the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the screen.

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If you do not see your location in the family locator, you may not have allowed Mobicip to access your location on your parent device. Go to the Mobicip app on your mobile device, tap Locator > Allow while using App in the popup > Change to Always Allow in the subsequent popup.

If you do not see your children’s location, you need to open the Mobicip app on the child device and allow location permissions.

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How do I share my location with my child?

To share your location with any of your children, click on Family share button in the map. Choose if you want to share your current or live location with the child > Send.

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How do I get directions to my child's location from the Mobicip app?

From the Locator Menu > click the Directions button and you will be taken to the default maps app on your device with directions.

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How do I mark a place using Mobicip's geo-fencing feature?

You can type the address or use the pin and mark a place as one of the following - Home, School, Dangerous and Others. You will be able to mark only one address for the Home and School tags. You can choose to be notified when your child enters or leaves the marked places by setting a boundary. When you tap the pin and place it on the map to mark a place, it will open with a default boundary set at 100 meters. You will be able to click on the Hold button to increase the radius all the way up to 1000 meters. Do not forget to tap Save at the bottom.  

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Tap Show Saved Places to view all the saved places for the child.

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