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How do I set up Social Media monitoring?

Mobicip offers Social Media monitoring for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (Only for Android) in the new version. Our social media monitoring feature scans your child’s Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (only Android devices) for harmful content and sends real-time alerts to your app that helps you prevent self-harm, cyberbullying and predatory attacks on your children. Mobicip monitors content related to these five categories - Bullying, Sexual, Violence, Drugs, and Self Harm/Suicide.

This article explains how to set up Social Media Monitoring on your child's device. 

Enabling Facebook Monitoring:

Visit your Mobicip account > Click on your child for whom you wish to set up monitoring > Select Social Media > Enable Facebook monitoring.

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The next page has information regarding setting up Facebook monitoring that you can read > Click on Let's Connect. You can either provide your child’s Facebook credentials if you know them or send an email requesting your child to provide their Facebook credentials to Mobicip so their account can be monitored. Your child needs to accept the request within 30 days and connect his/her Facebook account.

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Once you log in using your child's Facebook account credentials, you will get the following screen which indicates that you have successfully set up Facebook monitoring for your child.

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Alternately, you can send the invite to your child by providing his/her email associated with the Facebook account.

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Once successfully enabled, any harmful content will be flagged for your review.

 | 6 | 7

Any content related to the tags mentioned above will be reported to you so you can have a conversation with your child. Marking as resolved will remove the post from your child’s flagged activity list.

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Enabling Instagram Monitoring:

The process of enabling Mobicip filtering for Instagram is the same as mentioned above. Just select Enable Instagram Monitoring and proceed with the setup.

On your Mobicip account > select your child for whom you want to set up monitoring > Social Media > Turn on Enable Instagram Monitoring.

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Once done successfully, click on Social Media > Instagram Activity to view any flagged activities.

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Enabling Snapchat Monitoring:

Snapchat monitoring is available only for Android devices as of now due to restrictions set by Apple. 

To enable Snapchat monitoring for your child using Android devices, login to your Mobicip account > select your child for whom you want to set up Monitoring > Social Media > Turn on Enable Snapchat Monitoring.

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Once enabled, you need to install Mobicip on your child’s Android device and their Snapchat account will be automatically monitored by Mobicip.

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Once monitoring is enabled, go to Social Media > Snapchat Activity on your parent app and you will be able to see any activity flagged by Mobicip.