How do I customize Internet Filter settings?

This article describes how to set up internet and app filters for your children from the content menu in the bottom menu bar.

Mobicip by default allows content based on your child’s age and in this section, you will have the option to make changes to the default settings. Please be assured that your child will only access age appropriate content on their devices without you having to customize filtering settings.  

How to I customize internet filter settings?

On the Websites tab, you will be able to customize web categories, allowed/blocked websites, phrases/keywords and network exemptions.

1. Allow / Block Web Categories 

You will be able to allow or block specific web categories by clicking Content > Websites > Web Categories. 

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You can customize the default settings by toggling the blue button on this page for each web category. Mobicip by default blocks any adult-oriented and mature sites/content on the internet for all age groups and web categories like weapons, violence, proxy, virus, hacking sites/content for middle school and high school children.

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2. Allow / Block specific websites

You will be able to allow or block specific website by going to Content > Websites > Allowed Websites (to add websites to your child’s allowed list) or Blocked Websites (to add website to your child’s blocked list). You have the option to set up custom settings for one child and replicate it for other children by using the Duplicate web settings link. 

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Mobicip exempts websites added to the allowed list and the website will be allowed at all times for your child. Likewise, websites added to the blocked website list will be blocked at all times.

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Whitelist only Mode:

You have the option to allow specific websites and block access to any other website using the Whitelist only mode. This is available under the Allowed Websites menu. Please do not choose this option unless you do not want your child to access any website other than the ones that you added in the allowed list. 

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3. Setup Network Exemptions

This option allows you to exempt certain networks from the Mobicip filter. Go to Content > Websites > Networks and add a single IP address or an IP address range that you wish to exempt from Mobicip. Mobicip filter will stop working once your child device connects to the networks in this list. When the device gets out of the network, the Mobicip filter will restart. 

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4. Block Phrases/Keywords

If you’d like to block your child from searching for certain keywords or phrases, you can add them to the Block Phrases/Keywords list. Go to Content > Websites > Phrases and Keywords and add the keywords or phrases that you’d like to block, one by one. Any webpage that has the specified terms will be blocked by Mobicip.

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