I Forgot My Restrictions Passcode!

If this is not the first time you are setting up a passcode, and you are being asked to enter a passcode for Restrictions, you or someone else who used the device had setup the passcode already. You can try to remember or get the passcode somehow. If not, the only other option is to wipe the device clean and restore it to factory settings. See this article on Apple's support website describing this feature.  

Follow the instructions in this article to restore the device to factory settings.

Once you have setup the device as a new one, you can then sync it back with your iTunes account and all your music, apps, contacts and any other content sync'ed with iTunes will be loaded on the device. Any content that is stored only on the device and not sync'ed with iTunes, like app logins or data, will be lost during this process. Be forewarned that this is a long process and can take a couple of hours or more to complete. This can be painful, but it is necessarily so to prevent users from working around the security settings. After the restore is complete, you can setup a new Restrictions passcode.

Please make a note of the passcode to avoid this situation in future.

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