Is Obey Me! App Safe for Kids? Unveiling the Devilish Fun

Reshmita Das | June 07, 2023

"Ready to date?" Fear not! You are not on any adult site. We're introducing you to the captivating tagline of Obey Me! App. Available in the app store and Google Play, the app has taken the gaming world by storm! The game has amassed 8 million downloads and obtained a high ranking of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the App Store. While Android has 5 million downloads and a ranking of 4.7 out of 5 stars (as of May 2023). From online forums to gaming communities, it's clear that Obey Me! has captivated the hearts and minds of many. But amidst all the buzz, it's only natural for us, as responsible parents, to question its suitability for our little ones.

In this blog, we'll delve into the core aspects of the Obey Me! App. We'll address the parental concerns that loom over this digital experience and tackle the burning question: what is the right age for our kids to engage with this game? Are there potential risks lurking in the shadows, or can we embrace the devilish fun without worry?

What’s Obey Me! App?

Obey Me! App originated in Japan. It is developed by NTT Solmare Corporation, a Japanese company specializing in the creation of mobile games and applications. Drawing inspiration from Japanese anime and manga aesthetics, the Obey Me! App presents a unique blend of captivating storytelling, immersive gameplay, and visually appealing character designs that have resonated with audiences both in Japan and around the world. Since its initial release, the app has gained international popularity and has been localized into multiple languages, allowing players from various regions to enjoy the devilish fun it offers.

In the words of the developer , “ Obey Me!  is a brand new otome dating simulation game in which the characters become a part of your everyday life. You regularly get text messages and phone calls from the charming characters. The characters could be by your side, laugh and cry together with you, and become your friend - or even fall in love with you ”. 

The storyline of the Obey Me! app revolves around the player, who takes on the role of a human exchange student attending the prestigious RAD Academy in the Devildom. The Devildom is a world inhabited by demons, supernatural beings, and a variety of mystical creatures. As the player, you find yourself in a precarious situation when you accidentally stumble upon a group of demon brothers known as the "Seven Lords of Hell." These devilishly handsome brothers represent the seven deadly sins: Lucifer (pride), Mammon (greed), Leviathan (envy), Satan (wrath), Asmodeus (lust), Beelzebub (gluttony), and Belphegor (sloth).

In order to save yourself from a dire predicament, you strike a deal with the devil brothers. Your mission is to navigate the complex relationships with each brother and form pacts with them. By doing so, you will help them regain their powers, while also discovering secrets about yourself and the mysterious world of the Devildom. Throughout the game, you will encounter captivating storylines, engaging dialogues, and intriguing character development. As you progress, you'll make choices that shape the course of the story and determine the nature of your relationships with the devil brothers. You'll participate in various activities, solve puzzles, engage in dance battles, and explore the depths of the Devildom.

Obey Me! Age rating

  • Mobicip: 18+

  • Apple: 12+

  • Android: Teen

  • App Developer: 20+

Why Should Parents Be Concerned With Obey! Me App?

Not all is well in Devildom! So, parents need to be aware of potential concerns that may arise when their children use the app. Here are a few reasons why parents should pay attention to Obey Me! App and take necessary precautions:

  • Dark storyline: Obey Me! App features a storyline set in the world of demons and supernatural elements. The main characters, the seven demon brothers, who the players need to woo, represent the seven deadly. Here's a thought that might pause us as parents: do we really want our children to idolize and romanticize individuals embodying such immorality? Do we want our children to normalize or seek out relationships with individuals who personify these vices? As the game needs the players to build intimate relationships with the brothers, children will start fantasizing about having relationships with such fictional and immoral characters. While engaging with the dark and mystical themes of the game, our children may begin blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

  • Inappropriate content: The game environment is infilled with graphics, all looking devilish and eerie. While there is no direct adult or sexual content, there are certain suggestive themes, like players may be prompted to tap a devil's body part to show affection, or the devils might engage in flirtatious conversations with the player. These elements bring children into a realm where fantasies may arise, and their budding sexual feelings could be stirred prematurely. Another aspect to consider is the interactions among the characters themselves. Each of the devil brothers engages in backbiting and gossiping about one another. The dialogues they use often have a harsh and brash tone and content. Children deeply immersed in these interactions could get influenced by their attitudes and behaviors, developing arrogant and disrespectful tendencies.

  • In-app purchases: In Obey Me! The whole idea is to form intimate relationships with the devil brothers by impressing them with things they love. There are several things to buy from their in-app store. Players can buy Devil Points, the primary in-game currency that can be purchased with real money. These DP can be used to buy gifts for the devil brothers or special outfits for the player's avatar that can make them stand out and catch the attention of the devil brothers. There may also be special events where players can make in-app purchases to access exclusive content. These events often feature unique storylines with the devil brothers, allowing players to take their relationship with them to the next level. In an attempt to unlock new levels and interactions, children may end up in impulsive buying

  • Absolute Time killer: Like many mobile games, Obey Me! The app has the potential to become addictive and consumes a significant amount of a child's time. The stories and the interactions can go on and on. If children get hooked on any character, they will keep playing until they encounter the desired character again. There are a lot of challenges, tasks, long conversations, and so much to do. Children may get curious about what's next and spend a long time on Obey Me! App. Excessive screen time can adversely affect physical health, social interactions, and academic performance.

How Can We Protect Our Kids From Obey! Me?

When it comes to keeping our kids safe in the digital realm, it's essential to take proactive steps and stay involved in their online experiences. Here are a few ways you can protect your children from the potential risks of using Obey Me!:

  • Block Obey Me! Using Mobicip: The easiest and straightforward way to protect your kids from an app like Obey Me! is to block the app right away using Mobicip. Mobicip is an AI-powered parental control solution trusted by over 2 million parents to protect their children online. Mobicip gives you the power to block specific apps or websites, including Obey Me!, ensuring that your child cannot access them. Besides limiting and blocking apps, with Mobicip, you can also:

  1. Effectively manage your child's screen addiction.

  2. Block age-inappropriate websites and 20 web categories.

  3. Monitor your child's social media conversations for inappropriate exchanges.

  4. Receive real-time alerts on dangerous interactions and unhealthy behavior.

  5. Instantly track your family's location and create geo-fences.

  6. Get actionable insights on your child's online activity.

By setting up the Mobicip parental control app on your child's phone, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is well shielded in the digital space.

  • Take an interest in your child's digital life: Engaging with your child's digital world is crucial. Show genuine curiosity about the games they play and what's new their peers are discussing. By actively participating in their digital experiences, you establish a connection and create a space for open communication. Your child will feel more comfortable sharing their online activities with you, making it easier to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

  • Get tech savvy: The digital landscape can be overwhelming, but staying informed is vital to safeguarding your child. Educate yourself about Obey Me! and similar apps. Understand the gameplay, features, and potential risks involved. Stay up to date with the latest trends in the gaming world and familiarize yourself with the parental controls and safety settings available. By being tech-savvy, you can guide your child effectively and implement appropriate safety measures.

Mobicip’s Final Advice On Obey Me!

We've reached the moment of truth about Obey Me! App,and got some important advice to dish out, especially for all you parents out there. We do not recommend Obey Me! for children below 18 years of age. Sure, the game may have its fair share of appeal, and it's supernatural storyline and intriguing characters make it easy to see why it can grab attention. But the gameplay itself is quite mindless, and there's no denying that it lacks substantial value addition. Do we really want our kids spending hours upon hours on a game that doesn't offer much in return?

But that's not all. We can't ignore the romantic element in Obey Me! Call us old-school, but that's not appropriate for children. We want them to learn and grow, not fantasize about getting cozy with characters embodying immoral behaviors. As responsible parents, we must steer our kids toward digital experiences that are age-appropriate and beneficial. We need apps that promote learning, creativity, and positive values. Let's roll up our sleeves and seek out apps that help our kids develop skills, expand their knowledge, and healthily stimulate their minds. It's all about finding that sweet spot—a digital world where our children can have a blast while learning and growing.

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