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Mom-friendly iPhone/iPod Touch?

SUREN on October 31, 2009

Thousands of Mobicip users are Moms, no surprise that. Whether you love your iPhone/iPod Touch or not, here is a forum where you can join other Moms and tell Apple what they should do to make it better. (BTW, an excellent blog where she reviews apps for Moms everyday) seeks your feedback. Here is a blurb:

Here at the iPhone Mom’s house we’ve been talking about what Apple could do to make the iPhone (and iPod Touch) more “Mom Friendly”. They’re already great devices for keeping our kids entertained and even educated. There are some great apps for tracking our pregnancies, babies, bills and shopping, but what else would you like to see? Any apps you’ve been looking for but so far been unable to find?

Follow this link to read the full article and post your comments.

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