Mobile Malware Fear Factor -- Is it Warranted?

MOBICIPNEWS on August 30, 2012

Huff Post Tech

New article, 'Mobile Malware Fear Factor -- Is it Warranted?', written by co-founder and CEO, Suren Ramasubbu was published to the Huffington Post in the Tech section. 

In the article, Ramasubbu shares: "About a year ago, several companies that develop and produce antivirus software, including Kaspersky and McAfee, reported a significant uptick in malware. The companies revealed that while attacks were being deployed on all platforms, Android was being targeted the most. However, after some these reports started coming out, the companies that developed the platforms for Android and others cried foul. One of the loudest of the voices in defense of the safety of the platforms was that of Chris DiBona, Google’s open-source software manager, who in no uncertain terms raised a bright red flag on the security software industry."
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