Mobicip Launches First Multi-Platform Parental Control App Fully Integrated with Apple Screen Time

Suren | December 20, 2023


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In a Bold Move, Mobicip becomes the Sole Multi-Platform Parental Control Company to Leverage Apple's Screen Time for Enhanced Family Protection

Mobicip, the industry-leading parental control solution, proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement as the first and only multi-platform parental control company to integrate fully with Apple's Screen Time on iOS devices. This revolutionary development empowers parents to set up comprehensive safety measures for screen time, social media, and internet content on any smartphone (iOS or Android) or browser while seamlessly utilizing Apple's Family Sharing feature from any computer or smart device.

In response to the ever-growing challenge faced by parents in managing the diverse array of gadgets accessible to young children, Mobicip's CEO and Founder, Suren Ramasubbu, states, "The biggest challenge faced by parents today is the sheer diversity of tech and apps in households today that are in the hands of young children. Mobicip offers a comprehensive and holistic solution that builds layers on top of the basic and limited controls provided by the device manufacturers like Apple, Google, and Microsoft."

What sets Mobicip apart is its ability to provide an all-encompassing solution that enhances and extends the controls initially offered by device manufacturers. This innovative approach ensures that parents have the tools they need to navigate the complex digital landscape effectively.

Notably, the Apple Screen Time API is a pioneering parental control library, marking Apple's first step towards involving the development community in addressing the challenges of digital parenting. Mobicip appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with Apple and created a solution that surpasses individual features, providing parents with a more robust and well-rounded control over their family's digital experience.

"This is a game changer," remarks Suren Ramasubbu, emphasizing Mobicip's commitment to leading the market through continuous innovation. "As the world shines light on it and Big Tech slowly realizes the negative impact of its products on users and involves the development community, more well-rounded solutions like the one Mobicip offers become essential for the parent community."

Mobicip's integration with Apple's Screen Time reinforces its position as a trailblazer in the parental control space, offering families a powerful and versatile tool to navigate the complexities of the digital age.

About Mobicip:

Mobicip is a market leader in parental control solutions, dedicated to providing comprehensive tools for parents to manage their family's digital experience. With a commitment to continuous innovation, Mobicip leads the industry by integrating with cutting-edge technologies like the Apple's Screen Time API integration, offering families unparalleled control in today's tech-centric world.

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