FAQ Spotlight: How to setup Mobicip to allow only the websites on my list

MOBICIPNEWS on August 29, 2011

Now that you have signed up for a Premium subscription, follow the step-by-step instructions below, to customize your child’s Internet using Mobicip Premium!
1.    Go to www.mobicip.com
2.    At the top right-hand corner there will be a login prompt. Enter the email address and password you used to setup your Mobicip account.
3.    Once logged in, you will notice 2 tabs on your screen: “Reports,” and “Settings.” Click the “Settings” Tab.

 Mobicip setup sites

4.    Next, click the “Websites” tab on the left side of the screen. You will notice 2 options below the word websites: “Block” and “Allow.”
5.    Click the “Allow” tab. Make sure the correct user is selected at the top drop-down box.

Mobicip report setup

6.    Enter the website(s) you wish to allow and click the green “Allow” button after entering each website URL.
7.    In order to ONLY allow websites to be visited that you have entered in this category, click the box that says, “Allow ONLY the websites on this list.”

 mobicip setup reports

8.    Once finished, allow up to 60 minutes for the categories and websites settings to register the changes you have made and to take effect on your device.

Look out for our next Mobicip FAQ spotlight to learn how to setup Mobicip in no-filtering mode with only monitoring enabled.