Apple Facing Lawsuit Over Browser?

SUREN on November 24, 2008

TechCrunch reports that a lawsuit has been filed against Apple for allegedly violating a patent related to how internet content is displayed and accessed on a mobile device.This adds a whole new dimension to the phrase "browser wars". I am by no means a legal expert, but the language in the patent quoted by TechCrunch makes it look like it can be applied against all mobile devices that have browsers in them.

navigation options to change between layers of the simplified navigation interface from general to more specific in each deeper layer; receiving a user selection of one of the navigation options; forwarding the selected navigation option across the internet to a server providing the simplified navigation interface; receiving a next deeper navigation layer of the simplified navigation interface corresponding to the selected navigation option; and manipulating a region of the screen for viewing and zooming and/or scrolling of the displayed on-line content.


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