New to Mobicip? Get Started!

New to Mobicip? Mobicip setup and usage process is a cinch. Here is a simple guide on what you need to know all about getting started. 

  1. Account Creation and Free Trial Signup

  2. Account and Child User Profiles Setup - to manage each of your kid’s devices individually

  3. Child App Installation and Device Setup

  4. Parent App Setup

1. Account Creation and Free Trial Signup:

You can create an account by visiting our website or through the Parent app available for iOS and Android Mobile devices.

Visit our Pricing Page > Click on ‘Try free for 7 days’ below the plan that suits you > Enter your details > Sign Up.


Proceed to give your credit card details to activate the trial plan. Do not worry!! If you are not satisfied with our product/service, you can get it canceled anytime. All you need to do is email us at

You can now start setting up your Mobicip account.

We would appreciate if you could refer Mobicip to your friends/family and as a token of our appreciation, a successful referral brings you $20 and your referred friend receives 10% off on the first year’s subscription.

2. Account and Child User Profiles Setup:

Click on ‘Get started’ to add child user profiles

Enter your Child’s name and his/her age. Mobicip will suggest a filtering level appropriate for your child’s age. You can leave this level unaltered or customize the settings based on your requirements.  You can customize the filter settings anytime from the 'My Family' menu.



You can follow the same procedure to add all your kids profiles.

Miss seeing your children’s internet activity?? You are almost done with account setup and viewing your kids internet activity is just a few steps away.


3. Child App Installation and Device Setup:

Managing kids internet activity and screen time has never been easy, nevertheless our setup is!! To enable content filtering, set up the Mobicip app on each of your child’s devices and start monitoring them. Select your kid’s device type to view our guide for Mobicip app installation and setup.



Kindle Fire




All set! Here’s how you can view the kid’s internet activity on the device.


4. Parent App Setup​​​​​​​:

Anytime, anywhere, no hassle absolutely. Setup Mobicip Parent app on your phone or tablet to manage your child settings and keep track of their activities and requests on the go.




Quick peek on what all you can do:

1. Review Activity including your child’s browsing history, most used social apps, recently watched videos and recently installed apps.  

2. View, Allow and Block Websites

3. Customize restrictions for each child like allow and block specific apps (social, video, etc.) websites or entire website categories, block keywords and phrases and limit your child’s screen time.   (Menu > My Mobicip > My Family > Configure for child user)

And much more….You can always visit our Support page for more information.

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