How Do I Setup Mobicip in Parent Mode on My Android Smartphone?


This article shows you how to setup Mobicip in Parent mode on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Summary: Download Mobicip from Google Play, select Parent as the primary user, and login using your Mobicip account (or create one).


Download Mobicip from Google Play on your Android smartphone or tablet and open the app to select Parent as the primary user.

Login with your Mobicip account (or create one).

Follow the prompts to create an account. Don't forget to select a cool profile pic for yourself!

Select ‘Add Children’ to create a persona for each of your children. You will need to setup atleast one child at a minimum.

Create the persona and set the age, and Mobicip will automatically configure age-appropriate restrictions. Learn more

You may customize the restrictions now or save and revisit this later.

To add another child, select My Mobicip > My Family from the menu, tap ‘+’  at the bottom.

Next step: Enable Mobicip in Child mode on each family device you wish to protect. Learn more

To customize the restrictions for each child, look up the tutorials below.

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