How To Setup Mobicip in Child Mode on iPhone or iPad?


This article shows you how to setup Mobicip on a child's iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Summary: Download Mobicip app from the app store, select Child as the primary user and follow prompts to install Mobicip MDM.

Before you Begin

Using the Mobicip app on your child's device, you can 

  • Set up Mobicip parental controls and assign the filtering settings you customized for your child who will primarily use the device 
  • Install Mobicip MDM profile to monitor all activities on the device 
  • While you will be able to purchase a Mobicip subscription, we recommend using the parent device to purchase the subscription and set up your account. This is to prevent the subscription from being tied to your child's iTunes account in case they have a separate account and also from possible cancellation of the subscription in the Settings app. 

Please note that 

  • Mobicip Parental Controls work by installing the Mobicip app on your Child's device. Monitoring won't start until the Mobicip MDM profile is installed on your child's device. If you would like to get the full capabilities of the Mobicip Parental Controls on your child's iOS device, please set up your child's device in "Supervise" mode. 
  • You need to have access to your children's device so that you can install Mobicip on their device and begin monitoring. Please ensure adding each of your children separately while setting up the Parent app so you can monitor their activities accurately.
  • Once the Mobicip MDM profile is installed, deleting the Mobicip app on your child's device won't impact the monitoring. You will need the app only when the device is passed on to another child in the family and you need to change the primary child user of the device.  
  • Please refer to this article on how to set up notifications and if you have questions about your child uninstalling the app. 


On your child's iPhone or iPad, visit App store and dowload Mobicip Parental control app

Mobicip icon

Choose Child as the primary user of the device to begin setting up Mobicip.

welcome screen on the Mobicip app

Read our terms and conditions and Click on 'Continue' in the following screens.

Terms and conditions Terms and conditions

Scan the QR code for your account either from your Mobicip Parent app or online Mobicip account.

scan qr code

You can also login manually by choosing the 'Login Using Parent Account' option at the bottom. If you do not have an account already, create one.

manual login

create account

Assign the Child who will primarily use the device from your list of children and proceed with profile installation.

Assign child  Assign child continued

Follow the prompts to install Mobicip's profile on the device.

Installation flow  Installation flow continued  Installation flow continued Installation flow continued

Once dowload is complete, install the Profile through Settings app.

complete installation of Mobicip

Open device Settings app > Profile Downloaded > Install at the top right corner.

open settings

iOS Settings

Install Mobicip MDM

In case you have Restrictions enabled on the device, enter your restrictions pass code.

enter restrictions passcode

Select ‘Trust’ in the 'Remote Management' popup.

click on trust

Mobicip's MDM is now installed

Mobicip’s Management Profile is now installed on the device.

Mobicip's MDM is now installed

Once done, please open the Mobicip app and follow the prompts until registration is successful.

Follow registrations prompts Follow registrations prompts continued  Follow registrations prompts continued

Click on Manage in the next window.

Click on Manage

Thats it! Your device is secured by Mobicip.

Device secured by Mobicip

Click on 'Start Secure Browsing' option to start browsing internet. Access to inappropriate content will be blocked based on the profile settings mapped to the device. In case you would like to disable Safari for some reason check this article. blocked by the Mobicip filter

Next step: For app blocking feature to work, you need to supervise your child's iOS device. It is highly recommended that you 'supervise' your child's iPhone or iPad. Learn more

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