How Do I Setup Mobicip in Child Mode on My Family's iPhone or iPad?


This article shows you how to setup Mobicip in Child mode on your iPhone or iPad.

Summary: Login using your Mobicip account, select Child as the primary user and Install Mobicip MDM.


On your child's iPhone or iPad, open the Safari browser to this website:

Login using your existing Mobicip account or create one.

Select the Child and install the profile.


Follow the prompts to install Mobicip's profile on the device.


Once the profile is downloaded, you’ll see the message "Profile Downloaded"(on iOS>12).

To install the profile, open the Settings app > General > Device management > Mobicip EDM > Click Install.

Select ‘Trust’ in the 'Remote Management' popup.

Mobicip’s Management Profile is now installed on the device.

Once done, follow the prompts in Safari again until registration is successful.

Select ‘All Set to Go!’ to complete the setup.


A box that says 'VPN' at the top left corner indicates that Mobicip is active. Launch any browser on your child's device and check if the filtering is working.

Next step: It is highly recommended that you 'supervise' your child's iPhone or iPad. Learn more

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