How To Setup Parental Controls On Android


This article is a step-by-step guide to setup parental control restrictions on Android smartphones and tabs like the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy tablet. 

Summary: Setup Mobicip Parental Control in Child mode on your child's Android phone or tab. On your own iOS or Android phone, enable Mobicip in Parent mode.


Mobicip is an integrated parental control app that allows you to restrict screentime, Internet, apps and videos on your family's devices and computers. The same app doubles up, in parent mode, as the remote control from your phone where you can make changes or take instant actions.

Parent Mode Setup

Download Mobicip from Google Play on your Android smartphone or tablet and open the app to select Parent as the primary user.

Welcome to Mobicip - the parental control app that protects your family

Login with your Mobicip account (or create one).

Create a Mobicip parental control account

Follow the prompts to create an account.

Select ‘Add Children’ to create a persona for each of your children. You will need to setup atleast one child at a minimum.

Setup child in Mobicip parental control app

Create the persona and set the age, and Mobicip will automatically configure age-appropriate restrictions. Learn more

You may customize the restrictions now or save and revisit this later.

Configure parental control restrictions

From the menu, select Activity and flip to the view with the QR code.

Flip through the dashboard until you see a QR code.

Mobicip Parental Control Dashboard

Child Mode Setup

On your child's Android smartphone or tab, download Mobicip from Google Play, select Child as the primary user, and scan the QR from your parent device.

Mobicip Parental Control app child mode setup

The device registers with your account and any parental controls you have selected will be applied immediately. If you do not have the QR code handy, just login with your Mobicip account.

Select the child who will be using this device.

Mobicip Parental Control Select Child

You will see a number of permissions pop up as the device registers with Mobicip. Allow each of these permissions to ensure that Mobicip works correctly. 

Mobicip parental control permissions

You should see a confirmation screen. Mobicip is now protecting your child's device.

Mobicip Parental Control Setup Complete

Mobicip Safe Browser Setup (deprecated)

Rest of this article is obsolete and is here only to help customers with older devices that cannot be updated.

Mobicip offers a best-selling alternate browser that enables parental controls on your child's Android device. It is simple to setup and works anytime anywhere! The Mobicip Safe Browser is protected by a account setup by the parent. The Safe Browser is now available for download from Google Play. Follow the steps below to download and install the Safe Browser. If you have already downloaded the Safe Browser, skip to step four below.

1. On your Android device, launch Google Play, and search for Mobicip. Select and install the Safe Browser app. 

Note: Kindle Fire users will not have access to Google Play. You will need to 'sideload' Mobicip. Follow the steps here

Mobicip on Google Play

2. If you have successfully installed the app, you should be able to find the icon on your apps screen.

Mobicip Icon

3. Launch the Safe Browser. If you do not have an account, touch Sign Up and register. 

Create Account

4. Once your account is created, you can use it to enable the Safe Browser app. (NOTE: this step can be automated when you deploy in bulk. Please contact support for assistance.)


5. Now select the filtering profile you wish to apply to this device.

Filter Profile Selection

6. Optionally, setup a 4-digit passcode for authentication. This can be used to lock / unlock apps and other restrictions, in lieu of the username / password.


7. When done, you will see the browser open up. You can now enter the URL you wish to visit. 

Mobicip Safe Browser on Android

NOTE: Visit to upgrade to Mobicip Premium (get 10% off using this discount code: MOBICIPFAQ). The Premium upgrade allows you to customize your filtering and monitor usage from the web-based dashboard (using any browser) or the Monitor app (on any iOS device).

General Parental Control Restrictions Setup

The Mobicip Safe Browser automatically enforces restrictions to ensure that Mobicip is the only browser available. All other browsers will be locked automatically.

Mobicip App Restrictions

No action is necessary at this time. To adjust your restrictions in future, open the browser's menu, and select Settings > Mobicip > App Restrictions.

Mobicip Settings

Congratulations! Your Android smartphone or tablet is now setup with Mobicip's Internet filter. Visit from any computer and login using your account to configure the filtering and monitor the browsing activity. You may find these video tutorials helpful to setup your filtering and to monitor the activity reports.

Please report all problems by email or on this forum thread or through the contact form. We are actively listening for your feedback and promise to address any issues asap.

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