Why Does Mobicip Show Social Media Activity When App Isn't Installed?


Your activity dasboard shows social media activity, while you know that the app is not even installed or used. Why?

Mobicip Parental Control: Social Media Activity Report

Technical Reason

Please note that Mobicip reports not just social media app usage, but any activity through the Internet browser as well. The activity reported under 'Social Apps used' is not only the actual usage of an app on the device but can also be the URLs that your child visited using any app/browser. Many websites have embedded Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and they are reported under social media activities as well. On the other hand, even if your child has an app installed and hasn't used the app, reports will be shown for some apps due to the background activity by the app.

Having said that, we are constantly optimizing the reports related to social media usage to reflect real activity accurately. Meanwhile, check the 'Installed Apps' card in your Activity Dashboard to make sure only the apps you have allowed are available for use on the device.

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