Mobicip Safe Browser

This article is obsolete and no longer relevant for new users. It is only to help users with older version of device/app.


Congratulations! You have setup Mobicip as a Safe Browser on this device. 

Make sure to disable Safari (from Settings > Screentime > Content and Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps).

toggle off Safari

Change Child User

To change the Child mapped to this device, touch Menu in Mobicip browser > Home > Change.




Default Search Engine

To change the default search engine, touch Menu in Mobicip browser > Settings > Search Engine.



You can then set the default search engine to Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Hotspot Mode

Certain WiFi access points may require you to sign-in or accept an agreement to use the network. To enable Hotspot Mode, touch the settings icon.

Under General, set Hotspot Mode to ON or OFF.

Cache, History & Cookies

To clear the cache, history, or cookies, touch the Menu icon > Settings. 

Under Privacy, select the item that you want cleared. Note that the data will be cleared only for the current user profile selected.

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