Mobicip First to Deliver Mobile Parental Control Service For iPhone and Netbooks

Latest Internet safety service offers parents user-friendly setup and multiple layers
of protection for a safe online experience for children

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (June 15, 2009)—Mobicip, an innovator of Internet child safety products for mobile devices, today announced Premium, an easy to use web-base parental control service with four layers of protection that allows parents of children with iPhones, iPod Touches and Netbooks to track Internet usage and ensure they are protected from inappropriate content.

For a $9.99 per year, the Premium service allows parents to protect their children while they browse on their mobile devices – often times away from direct supervision.  Parents can start using the service easily by choosing from three predefined age-appropriate content filtering levels (elementary, middle school, high school) derived from education-class technology standards that meet Federal Child Information Protection Act (CIPA) requirements.  After that, they can easily customize disallowed categories, and build their own list of allowed and disallowed websites.

Using four stages of content filtering technology, blocks inappropriate content and tagged photos even on allowed Websites, putting parents at ease when their children are using Internet search tools.  The service also features a Web site that parents can use to track Internet surfing history and to adjust their parental controls.  For simplicity, adjustments are applied to all the mobile devices that are covered under the service. 

Because is an Internet-based service, changes and updates to the service are effective immediately with no software updates to download. Future versions of the service will be available for Windows, Macintosh and Android operating systems.

Mobicip also offers a Safe Browser, an iPhone/iPod Touch-only Internet safety solution as a $4.99 download from the iTunes app store. With Safe Browser, parents can instantly protect their children from inappropriate content on their iPhone or iPod Touch using the three age-appropriate content filtering levels.  The Safe Browser is also compatible with the Premium service.

The Mobicip capabilities offer parents a cost-effective, user-friendly platform that enables them to either proactively monitor their children’s online activities or take more of a “hands off” approach while being assured that the browser will intelligently block objectionable content.

“We’ve created for parents the ability to instantly set up an intelligent filter on their child’s mobile device without having to be an IT expert to operate it,” said Suren Ramasubbu, CEO of Mobicip.  “With a steady increase in mobile usage among minors, parents are not always able to monitor their children’s Internet browsing by looking over their shoulders, so they need a solution that gives them that visibility even when they are not present.”

With a Mobicip account, parents can log in and edit their list of blocked/allowed Web sites and opt to receive weekly status e-mails of their children’s site visits.

Built leveraging Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Architecture, Mobicip’s software solution is the first to bring an enterprise-class software as a service (SaaS) model to content filtering, making it one of the most extensive parental control solutions available. 

Pricing and Availability
The service is available now at Safe Browser is available now at the iTunes App Store. 

About Mobicip
Mobicip is dedicated to helping parents protect their children from the new wave of Internet hazards stemming from mobility. By offering parents a simple-to-use online safety net through its content filtering solution, Mobicip gives them the ability to safeguard their children's mobile devices. The solution features an intelligent filtering technology that dynamically views an entire web page to determine if there is offensive content even on an allowed site based on the filtering level chosen by the parent.  To learn more about Mobicip, visit or email



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