How to turn off Youtube restrictions mode?

Unfortunately, Youtube restrictions mode is force enbled always when Mobicip is active on the device. 

We made the decision after much deliberation. We received several messages from users that some videos with inappropriate content were allowed by Mobicip. Our investigation found that they were not blocked since the meta info associated with the videos were fine. As you may already know, Mobicip is the only filtering product that offers YouTube filtering on a video-by-video basis and filters YouTube by reviewing the title, description, comments and other meta information associated with each video. However, catching inappropriate videos with no descriptive content is almost impossible at this time. In most inappropriate videos, the publisher includes suggestive words and phrases with the video and Mobicip blocks them. But there are instances where the meta data associated with the video is ok, but the content is not acceptable. This is how force-enabling restriction mode became the only solution.

We also found that when it is not force enabled, kids turned the restrictions mode off and were able to access inappropriate videos. So, our dev team made the decision to force enable YouTube restrictions to avoid the loophole.

In other words, Youtube restrictions mode cannot be disabled in Mobicip at all the three filtering levels. You can change the filtering level to 'Monitor' to disable this option.