How to stop Apps from getting re-arranged on my iOS devices?

Known Issue:

We know this has been a long-standing problem for our users that got both parents and children frustrated. 

When your child comes out of the blocked screen time mode enabled by Mobicip, all their app icons get re-arranged and even the apps that are in separate folders come out of the folders. This was a known issue and unfortunately, we were not able to fix it as Apple designed their platform that way. But our dev team has found a workaround that will prevent apps from getting re-arranged on your child's device after they come out of their blocked screen time. 


The solution is a simple app - we have named it "AppOrganizer" that needs to be installed on your child's device.

Download and Install AppOrganizer

  • Please note that this app will work perfectly and ensure that the app icons do not get rearranged on iOS devices.
  • Other than that, the app is just something that exists on the device - you can hide it so it is not distracting, but you will see it on the device grayed out.
  • You can also delete it anytime just like you delete any other app on the device, but please note that the problem will recur once the app is deleted.

The steps below shows how to install the AppOrganizer App.

1. Download the app on your child's device (Please note that this app is not available in any store. Open this article in Safari browser in your child's device and click on the Download link at the very bottom)

2. You will see a dialog that says "Unable to Download app". Please press "Done". If you are using iOS 11 or an older version than that, please ignore the message and restart your phone.

3. You will see the app grayed out on your screen. You can safely hide it in one of the least used folders you may have so it is not distracting. 

4. Please make sure to move the 'AppOrganizer' app to the Home Screen on the top left before all other apps. It works if the 'AppOrganizer' comes before other folders. Apps that are not in folders may get rearranged a little bit, but the folder structure will be intact and apps in the folders will be unaffected.

How it works:

When an app is not completely installed on an iOS device, the screen goes to a frozen state and remains this way with no way to rearrange the app icons. This is what happens on your child's device as the AppOrganizer app is not fully installed on your device. 

We know it is not the perfect solution, but this is a quick workaround until Apple fixes this on their end.

Download and Install AppOrganizer