How Do I Setup Web Filtering on a Group of MacBooks or iMacs


If you are a school or business and wish to deploy Mobicip's web filter on your macOS computers, follow the steps below.

Note: If you're a parent setting up parental controls on Mac for your family, head to this article instead.

Enterprise Account Setup

Create a Mobicip Enterprise account at This account is distinct from a Mobicip family or consumer account. Let us know the registered email address so we can add the licenses to your account.

Once licenses are setup and you receive a confirmation, login at and select Filter Profiles from the menu. Setup one or more filter profiles, one for each group of devices that will share the same filtering settings. For instance, you may want to setup a profile for each classroom, team or sub-group within a classroom.

  •  Using any browser, login at
  •  Select Filter Profiles from the menu.

Filter profiles menu

  • For the filter profile you wish to edit, click the edit icon next to the restriction level.
  • Select the restriction option and save your selection.
  • Click on 'Add Profile' to setup additional profiles, say one per classroom or cohort of students.

Mobicip for Mac - Request Custom Build

You are probably in touch with Mobicip regarding a quote or free trial already. Just contact support and request a custom build of Mobicip for Mac.


If you use an MDM software, you may deploy the Mobicip custom build to the computers using the program. If not, simply install the custom build on each Mac and you should be good to go.

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