How Do I Remove Mobicip from My iOS or Android Device?

  • To delete Mobicip app from your iOS device, simply touch and hold the Mobicip icon until it starts shaking. You will see an x next to the icon, touch the x and the app will be deleted.

  • If the x doesn't show up, you may have turned off the ability to delete apps. Go to Device Settings >> General >> Restrictions and select Deleting Apps >> ON. Then come back to the home screen and you should be able to delete Mobicip now.

  • To avoid your kid from removing Mobicip app, we suggest that you do not share your device┬áRestrictions passcode with him/her.
  • In addition to removing the app, there is more to do. Just contact support and we will walk you through the steps.
  • To uninstall Mobicip from your Android device, launch Mobicip > go to Menu > Settings > Mobicip > Uninstall Mobicip. Enter your passcode or email/password combo to remove the app (only Mobicip account owner can uninstall the app).
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