What Our Customers Say

  • No problems

    Thank you for this service. Haven't had any problems with it.
    Paul B
  • Your quality speaks volumes

    I really have always been impressed by Mobicip's customer service as well as your heart for freedom and protection for family life. Thanks so much for working on it and and the protection you provide even at a free cost. Your quality speaks volumes about the kind of people your are.
    Eric D
  • You are a stand-up company

    Thanks - you are a stand-up company and I will recommend you to friends.
    Dennis G
  • I've recommended your product countless times

    I've recommended your product countless times to parents with kids entering the digital world. Thank you for providing a means for kids to safely explore the web while providing parents peace of mind. I will continue to recommend your product to those in need.
    Vincent C
  • Great solution

    I was very happy with Mobicip and found it a great solution, answering to the need to control Internet access of my children on their iPad. I will continue to advocate around me the use of Mobicip for parents who need it.
    Thierry G
  • Great program

    'Thanks. It was a great program'
  • Great product

    It was a great product while we used it.
  • Has been working beautifully

    Mobicip has been working beautifully for us, we are very happy with your product. Thank you for all the great work you do and the support you give. Since then I have used the time restrictions option you offer which is great. I am very happy with your services
    Cynthia A
  • A fantastic filter

    Mobicip is a fantastic filter and I will definitely be recommending it to anyone looking for a filtering program.
    Miranda L
  • You are doing a great job

    'You guys are doing a great job in making the internet more safe for our children, thank you!'