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  • Thanks!!!

    Thanks for a great product.
  • THANK YOU !!!!!!

    THANK YOU !!!!!! Works great !
  • I greatly appreciate your help

    Thank you.  I greatly appreciate your help.  And, your product was excellent while I had the need for it. 
  • Great tool for parents ★★★★★

    With all the gadgets in our home, and access through wi fi, you can never tell what sites your kids are visiting, or how late at night they are using them. With Mobicip, I received email reports on every site my kids tried to view, and I was able to set up age appropriate restrictions, and time limits. (My favorite feature). We used this as a tool to see what sites they tried to access, and then have a discussion with them about why. Once they knew we were seeing reports on their internet use, they began to police themselves. I highly recommend this to any parent!
    - James Irons (Review from the iOS App Store)
    James Irons (Review from the iOS App Store)
  • Great concept

    It is a great concept, and worked too well to be honest.
    Thank you!
  • Really happy with your services

    I have been really happy with your services and have recommended you to many friends.
    Thanks so much!
  • I absolutely love it!

    I am a mobicip user and I absolutely love it!
    Your support response time is really impressive as well!
    Mobicip really helps to keep me from having to endure the temptations that are so prevalent online. 
    Thank you so much for your wonderful service!
    God Bless!
  • You guys rock!

    This is great. Thanks.
    You guys rock!
  • Thank you

    Thank you for replying! I really appreciate your patience, and effort in dealing with my problems.
    Thanks again!
  • Good! Simple and effective ★★★★

    Just wanted to share with those who might be uncertain about these kind of blocking program's how well this one worked. To install was a breeze, as I am no techie this was good. To set up, simple and also to adjust, I've used it for several years to protect the kids from unexpected web pages appearing on routine searches. It did what I wanted and as the kids grew up it was easy to adjust the filters to be more age appropriate. I've finally uninstalled it as my children are grown up and leaving home and it's no longer needed but a word of thanks to the folks at mobicip for being part of the team that helped them all engage with the Internet effectively and safely. Keep up the good work.
    - Barnet traveller (Review from the iOS App Store)
     Barnet traveller (Review from the iOS App Store)