Mobicip vs Kaspersky Safe Kids

Why trust a parental control that comes as an add-on to an anti-virus software? Try the most trusted parental control app which is exclusively meant for protecting children and designed keeping parents in mind!

Need more convincing?

Here’s a table comparing Mobicip and Kaspersky Safe Kids head-to-head:

Kaspersky Safe Kids
Device Compatibility
iOS, Android, Windows, Chromebook, Mac, Kindle Fire, Nook
Mac, Windows, Android, iOS
Appstore Rating
Google Play Rating
Real-Time Dynamic Internet Filter

Block Specific Keywords & Websites

Filter Over 30 Web Categories

Web Portal Performance
Fast & Smooth
User Experience
Confusing, according to many users
Real-Time Dynamic Internet Filter

YouTube Filter

Filter Content on all Browsers

Real Time Override Request

$39.99 per year for 5 users
$14.99 per year for 1 user
Rich Activity Reports

kidSAFE Seal

Better Business Bureau Rating
Trustpilot Rating
App Blocking

Preventive App Blocking

Screen Time Schedules

Track Location

Whitelisted Apps

All information, prices, and data were last verified on April 2020. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

Universally high ratings

Mobicip is a highly rated parental control software

  • 4/5

  • 4.1/5

  • 4.2/5

  • 4.2/5

  • 4.5/5

  • 4.2/5

  • Mobicip worked well for our family. What you are doing is so important. Thank you for giving parents a way to protect their children's innocence because there are a lot of companies out there working against us all. Keep up the hard work.

  • It was a great app and I do feel it helped me control his access. I recommend this to any friends with younger kids! I was truly glad to find this when my son was younger and I was quite concerned at the terrible (X rated) content he could navigate to on Safari when it had no parental controls! Keep up the good work!

  • We love your product. We are now entering year 3 with our three 6th graders and their iPads. My wife from Day1 was concerned about "managing" our kids access to the internet, etc. We chose Mobicip due to reviews we'd read but I was concerned since my wife, who would be the gatekeeper, was not particularly adept with technology. She emails and surfs the web but that's it. While I handle synching and configuring the iPads my wife handles the configuration of Mobicip to monitor our kids usage, etc. At this point my wife has "mastered" Mobicip settings and feels very comfortable with using the product. For me that says a lot about the product and the ease with which someone can use it "out-of-the-box".

What makes us different

  • Cross Platform

    iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle Fire & Nook. You name it, we protect it.

  • Advanced Internet Filtering

    Block over 30 categories of web content. Mobicip filters the internet in real time & enforces safe search.

  • YouTube Parental Controls

    Supervise YouTube videos watched by your kids. Mobicip only allows age-appropriate YouTube videos.

  • Family Time

    Instantly lock all family devices to enjoy device-free family time, dinnertime or homework time.

  • App Blocking

    Limit addictive social media apps and games. Block dangerous apps even before your kids download them.

  • Intelligent Reports

    View browsing history, monitor social media usage, track recently installed apps & view online activity on the go.

How it Works

  • Download

    Download the app on all family devices

  • Sign up

    Create a parent account and add child devices

  • Customise

    Customise settings and monitor on the go!