Mobicip vs Covenant Eyes

Why opt for an expensive accountability software when there’s a holistic parental controls alternative? For just about $3.33/month filter the internet, limit screen time, block distracting apps, track location and much more.

Need more convincing?

Here’s a table comparing Mobicip and Covenant Eyes head-to-head:

Covenant Eyes
Main Purpose
Parental controls & Monitoring
Accountability & Combating porn addiction
Primary Target Users
Pricing for 5 devices
Intelligent Age-Based Recommended Settings

Screen Time Limits

App Blocking
Parents can block all apps on the Appstore & Google Play.

Location Tracking

Access Request (child requests override & parent can allows)

Google Play Rating
Trustpilot Rating
kidSAFE Seal

All information, prices, and data were last verified on April 2020. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

Universally high ratings

Mobicip is a highly rated parental control software

  • 4/5

  • 4.1/5

  • 4.2/5

  • 4.2/5

  • 4.5/5

  • 4.2/5

  • I had absolutely no dissatisfaction with Mobicip, and in fact, found it to be superior to any other internet website blocker in comparison to several others I tried. Over the course of my 5+ years as a user, I appreciated the timely response to my technical issues and the perseverance in resolving them.

  • I've been extremely pleased with the app and the level of service I've received with you. For as long as I've used Mobicip, I've always recommended it to my friends and I'll continue to do so.

  • I do appreciate your service! I have researched many other management/filtering app/providers and yours has been the best at really filtering out the “bad” and unwanted content! I truly am thankful for that!!!

What makes us different

  • Cross Platform

    iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle Fire & Nook. You name it, we protect it.

  • Advanced Internet Filtering

    Block over 30 categories of web content. Mobicip filters the internet in real time & enforces safe search.

  • YouTube Parental Controls

    Supervise YouTube videos watched by your kids. Mobicip only allows age-appropriate YouTube videos.

  • Family Time

    Instantly lock all family devices to enjoy device-free family time, dinnertime or homework time.

  • App Blocking

    Limit addictive social media apps and games. Block dangerous apps even before your kids download them.

  • Intelligent Reports

    View browsing history, monitor social media usage, track recently installed apps & view online activity on the go.

How it Works

  • Download

    Download the app on all family devices

  • Sign up

    Create a parent account and add child devices

  • Customise

    Customise settings and monitor on the go!