Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Mobicip?

Mobicip is dedicated to creating a safe, secure and educational online experience, especially for children. Children can now easily surf the internet on mobile internet devices like the iPod touch and iPhone. These devices are not merely toys, but rather highly capable computers that are skimming the surface of what is possible on a mobile platform. Internet safety on these devices is as important as it on regular computers.

What does Mobicip mean?

Mobicip is a mangled word that represents CIPA compliance for mobile devices. CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) was created to provide guidelines to schools and libraries to enforce a standard for Internet safety for children using their computing devices in order to remain eligible for federal funding.

Why does Internet safety matter?

In recent surveys, it has been apparent that Internet usage has opened a wide gap between parents and children. Some surveys have indicated that 60% of children age 3 and up are already using the internet! Growing up during the internet boom has made children quite comfortable surfing the world wide web. However, being comfortable and knowledgeable on internet usage does not protect children from the dangers of inappropriate content. In Webroot's May 2007 survey, 37.2% of children aged 11 to 17 reported that they had been inadvertently exposed to pornography. Internet safety was also rated as #7 in C.S. Mott Children's Hospital poll for U.S. Children's Health Concerns, sandwiched between school violence and teen pregnancy.

Is this solution only for kids?

Absolutely not.  Our solution can be utilized by anyone who wants to protect their device from inappropriate content, regardless of age.

Is the Mobicip solution comparable to an enterprise solution?

While the Mobicip team does not claim control of the device itself as an enterprise IT team would, rest assured that the quality of traffic encryption and content filtering is comparable to enterprise solutions for these purposes.

Is the Mobicip solution foolproof?

We believe that internet safety is much like road safety. You can set boundaries, discuss the rules, and watch very closely. However, your child should exercise good judgment and not misuse the privilege. That type of handshake is something we cannot promise to handle. But you can!

What devices do you support?

The Mobicip service is currently supported on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. A beta release for netbooks is soon to be available.  We envision future versions to support most mobile smart phones, gaming consoles, and ultra-mobile devices.

Mobicip Safe BrowserTM for the iPhone and iPod Touch used to be available for free. Why is it a paid application on the App Store now?

We originally intended to keep the safe browser free forever. We changed this approach due to three main reasons:

  • Apple accords higher priority to paid applications and prefers that developers put a price tag on apps.
  • People who are not serious about using the app download it anyway, and in many cases, give us bad ratings without even trying the app.
  • Of course, it can help offset our costs and get new features out faster.

Moreover, many parents have recommending that we should sell the app, and the price is on the lower side of the suggested consensus range.