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This page is obsolete and no longer relevant.

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You will need to create a Mobicip account to enable the Safe Browser. You can use the account to change your filtering level or, if you are a premium subscriber, configure your filtering settings and monitor history at Mobicip.com.

To create a new account, touch the "Create new account" button.

Enter your email address / password, and accept the terms and privacy policy. Press Continue.

Create new account screen

Select the filtering profile you wish to setup under your account. The filtering profile can be set at one of the pre-configured levels. You will be able to change your filtering level at Mobicip.com later if required.

Create child user screen    Select filtering level

At this point, you can decide if you wish to upgrade to a Premium subscription. In either case, press OK to return to the Login screen. Now you can enter your username / password to enable Mobicip.

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