How to Setup Web Filtering on Managed Chromebooks

This page is obsolete and no longer relevant. Please refer to this page for the latest article.


If you are a school or business and wish to deploy Mobicip's web filter on your Chromebooks, follow the steps below.

NOTE: It is assumed that you have access to the Chromebook Management Console in your Google domain and that the Chromebooks you wish to protect are enrolled in it.

Chrome Manager Setup

1. Login into your Google Apps admin account, and select Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings. Before you proceed, select the domain or organization you wish to configure Mobicip for.

Device management Chrome screenshot

2. Under 'Force-installed Apps and Extensions', select 'Manage force-installed apps'.

Select 'Manage force installed apps' screenshot

5. Search for and add 'Mobicip'.

Force install Web Store app


Save to return to 'User Settings'.

5. Back in 'User Settings', search for 'Proxy Settings'. Make sure it is set to 'Allow user to configure'.

Proxy settings screenshot

7. Search for 'Incognito Mode' and disallow it.

Disallow incognito mode screenshot

Save all the changes made in 'User Settings' so far.

8. Go back to Device Management > Chrome and select Device Settings. Search for 'Guest Mode' and make sure it is not allowed.

Disallow guest mode screenshot

9. Download the Mobicip certificate (MobicipRootCA.cer) by following this link

10. Go back to Device Management and select Network > Certificates.

Push certificate to Chromebook

11. Upload the certificate (MobicipRootCA.cer) and select the option 'Use this certificate as an HTTPS certificate authority.'

Install network access certificate

Chromebook Setup

Login on a Chromebook as a user enrolled in the organization. Launch Chrome and login using your Mobicip account (NOTE: this step can be automated when you deploy in bulk. Please contact support for assistance.)

Screenshot of Mobicip Chrome login screen

Thats it! Your Chromebooks are filtered now. Login at from any browser or computer to manage your settings and monitor usage.

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